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hey Paul Akers here with ASCAP with another amazing new product is zero clearance tape ball combi came to us and said hey I got a problem most miter box saw have a wide throat right here which allows you to have a chip out on the bottom where you make your cut so let me show you real quick what I'm talking about so I'm gonna go in here like this make my cut and you can see I've got small little chip out on the backside sometimes that matters sometimes it doesn't but let's say you want to be perfect all the time and also you want a more accurate way to line up where you're gonna cut when you take our zero clearance tape right here which is basically our facets material in a two inch wide strip it comes a little pack just like this there's five of them in there you take off the back the liner and peel that off like that and it's a thick PVC so it's really durable your throat is generally set a little bit lower here so it works really really well you go ahead and stick it in there like that you push it in as far as you want to push it in line it up right like that and then put it down now when you make a cut you're gonna have perfect clearance and you're going to be able to see where you line up so let's go ahead and make a cut real quick we have zero clearance so now you're not gonna get the chip out and it's very easy to align things when you want to line things but let's take a look at the back of this board and you can see it's perfect did a great job so no chip out on the backside but the other nice thing is let's say I got to make a cut right there so I'm going to put my mark right there on the board now I'm gonna line it up look how much easier it is to line that up and get it exactly where you want it you've got a perfect reference place right where the blades gonna cut so now I'm gonna go ahead and cut and I've got perfection every time so this is a great new product from fastcap very inexpensive and the other cool thing is if you do wear it out let's say you make a lot of compound miter cuts something like that it's very simple you peel it right off like this and replace it and put a brand new one on it's very simple very effective you're gonna love this product you

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