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hey guys welcome to another episode of the samurai carpenter hey I'm up here I know what you're thinking but look at that tool box it's so beautiful yes I'd have to agree um yeah it's a toolbox I built wanted to just show it off to you guys take a little look there yeah I did a carving of a Japanese hand playing taking a you know a beautiful shaving and just kind of let it dance across the top there and yeah this is a little labor of love and I just wanted to you know sure you can make a toolbox that's you know functional impractical and not as fancy as this but you know my mantra when it comes to woodworking is you want to build everything to inspire you whether it's you know your hand tools the toolboxes you have even your saw horses which is that the topic of today's video today we're going to be building a set of timber frame saw horses for when you do in the finer work in your shop you know it's nice to have a good set of saw horses I can carry a lot of weight and are also beautiful and inspiring to look at which kind of makes you up your game when you're doing woodworking as opposed to just using crappy old saw horses I like to just enrich my life with as much beauty as possible and I do that through woodworking so yeah let's have some fun and build some sexy saw horses so now that we got our wood ready to go the question is what's the best way to lay it all out well when you're doing a joinery and all that kind of fun stuff layout can easily make or break your project so the best way that I have come across is to do this go to the lumberyard buy a sheet of 1/8 mahogany door skin about 11 bucks like really that's cheap lay it all out full scale on the door skin use a utility knife cuts right through it make all your templates right out of the door skin transfer them onto the wood trace it out cut it out put it together you're done bow it's the only way to go the way the Japanese do it try it out it will work you'll love it you'll never go back all right let's get Kat all right so once you put your templates on your wood trace them all out then you just need to go over line up where your shoulder cuts are described those lines across down the sides and then on to the other side that way you know you got nice square even shoulder lines going all the way around and then once you've got that laid out on both sides you can get to the cutting so yeah basically you want to chisel out a sixteenth inside your line all the way around and then come back and pair that last sixteenth down and you'll get a lot sharper cleaner edge less tear out all right so these are the trestle pieces that we'll be going through the middle of the sawhorse just tying it all together and then I'm doing a wedged dovetail through tenon which sounds complicated but it's not basically it's just a through ten you cut two slots about 3/8 of an inch away from each edge and just like an axe head you're going to pound a wedge into each one now to prevent this slot from splitting down the wood a little trick is to about half an inch away from your shoulder just drill a hole right there and that will not prevent the cut that you make from when you Jam your wedge in there it'll prevent it from continuing to split down the wood and allows the wood to bend a little bit easier voila so yeah we guys that's how you build your own beautiful set of shops off horses no nails no glue the old-fashioned way tune in next week you'll be making a hand-carved peace pipe if you enjoyed this video and I help you dial up your awesome just a little bit please do me a huge favor and hit the like button and also yeah caring is sharing guys so yeah you can help me out share this with your other wood enthusiasts friends I would greatly appreciate that we'll see you next week

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