Woodworking, Building an Anvil Stand

hey guys welcome back the samurai carpenter just wanted to show you these beautiful pieces of wood I've got here see all these raised in this quarter sawn oak this quarter sawn oak was cut down on a building site about four years ago and yeah they were just going to turn it into firewood but I ran into the owner convinced him to let me mill it all up for him and got to keep some of the extra wood that he didn't need so he's have been drying in my shop here for about four years now and they're ready nice and stable ready to start building some stuff out of them so I'm going to build a base for a large shop workbench table and then I'm going to build today I'm going to build a base for a small anvil that I use to make knives which was basically just a five-inch diameter chunk of steel rod that'll basically sit on top of one of these posts and then I'm going to do a little half lap base and put some nice little details on it so it looks looks yeah beautiful so stay tuned you all right so my two base pieces about 18 inches wide just laying out the half laps on them right now so that this piece will sit they'll be knocked down they'll sit down flush and then this piece my post is going to hold my envelope inch wide but it should happen inch and a half thick tenon on it I'm gonna cut a mortise through both pieces once they're lap this is going to slide down in there the mortise is going to have a slight taper on it they'll pound wedges into these two slots that I've cut right here all this is done with a chisel a handsaw a skill saw and a drill it's all you need no bolts no fancy yard where there's nice and simple all wood takes a bit more time but it's going to last you twice as long look twice as good alright so almost got my lap joint fit here just going to pare down these sides a bit more all right so this is my anvil which is just the sole chunk of five inch diameter steel and what I'm going to do is I'm going to router it down inch and a half into the stand here so that it's not going anywhere and in order to do that I'm basically going to use a piece of MDF kind of circle in it put a bushing on my router screw that on top here and just router out a perfect circle for this thing so you all right now I took a half inch wide scribe and I described the circle around where the anvil sits then I took this little scrap piece of door skid line that up at the corner put a mark where that meets the edge now to make a little template to do a kind of a rounded taper chamfer take off these corners all right so here's my little knife envelope stand I asked my brother-in-law what he thought of it he said it looked like a giant oak penis so I after further observation I would have to agree it is very penis like and so I'm going to add a few little corbels here to kind of give it more of maybe a rocketship look or something a little more old-world less genitalia so yeah let's see see what we can come up with to take the penis out of people's heads when they look at this thing all right well I added these little corbels on here which definitely classes it up a little bit but yeah still get a little bit of a penis fly but hey you know as I was making the corbels and putting it together I thought you know the metaphor for you know creating artwork with an anvil and you know how the penis is involved in creating new life and um yeah just thought maybe maybe it's appropriate that that this anvil kind of has a bit of a penis shape to it you know it kind of keeps things in perspective you know keeps you connected to life and its simplicity and its beauty and you know you can you can go as deep as you want with it no pun intended but yeah I'm kind of stoked on it and I think I'm just going to leave it as is I might carve up the shaft I mean I mean the post but yeah if you liked this video give it a like if you like penises and you know in a healthy way give it a like anyways – that'd be great and we'll see you next week

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