Woodworking Around the Home with the Neighborhood Carpenter – 01 Building a Wine Rack

oh hi hey I'm glad you're here I'm heading over to my neighbor's house to check out an idea he has for a project this should be fun so come along with me hey Jan thanks for stopping sure no problem Brian so what's this project idea you're thinking of well Barb and I were thinking of a wine cabinet for the kitchen and we were looking in the catalog and they're rather big in our kitchens rather small so I asked you over so you could take a look at it and tell us what you think no problem I'll tell you what let's go to the kitchen and we'll get some ideas great come on oh yeah yeah I see what you mean your kitchen is rather kind of condensed you know how about a wine rack instead of a wine cabinet it's smaller and more compact in fact I could probably build one right here if we could find another spot for those books I like that thank ya that's good yeah I can find the spot for those books great and then I'll take some measurements all right let's get these out well here we are the wine racks all finished it was a fairly easy project but because the racks can hold the weight of multiple bottles I wanted to make sure the joinery was built strong the joinery involves some grooves and rabbets which will be attached with glue and nails and the rails they're going to be attached with pocket screws and glue the combination of these are going to ensure this wine rack stays together for a long time now the top bottom and sides were constructed out a 3/4 inch plywood while the back is 1/2 inch plywood the rails are some 1 by 2 pieces of maple now you'll recall back in the kitchen I took careful measurements of the cabinet so this wine rack slides in easily from there I got my outside dimensions now let me show you how to build this I've already pre-cut my plywood pieces to the sizes that I'll need but I do want to take a minute to label them top bottom front back and sides so as I don't get them confused during the building process I'm going to start with my side pieces I need to make that groove for the rabbet joint so I'm going to use my router with a quarter inch bit and the fence I'm going to route a groove a quarter inch deep and a 1/2 inch down from the top and bottom edge on the side piece I'm now going to readjust my fence to make the same groove but a quarter inch back from the back edge on the side piece again I'll do this on both pieces I set the other pieces aside and I now have the top piece without changing the settings on my router I'm going to make that same quarter inch groove on the back edge of the top piece at this point I'm ready to change my router bit I'm going to switch to a rabbet bit the rabbet bit comes with a variety of different size bearings to give you different size rabbits in this case I need to make a quarter inch rabbet a half inch deep I'm going to do it on the side edge my top piece however before I do I have to turn the top piece over I've got the bottom piece and I'm going to make those same rabbit cuts on the side edges however I'm not worried about the quarter-inch groove along the back because the bottom is a half inch shorter and depth I've got the back panel now and I'm going to have to change the depth on my router so it makes a quarter inch deep rabbit I'm going to make this on the sides and the top of the back panel although the wine rack is going to be attached with nails and screws it's still good to use a good wood glue to make sure that it stays together for a long time now I'm going to apply the glue and brush it into the grooves as well as put it on the rabbits however I'm pretty certain that when I put the two boards together I'm going to get glue squeeze-out so my tip is to first apply some tape next to the grooves and the rabbits this way the glue squeeze-out goes onto the tape when it's done just simply peel it off and you're good to go well I've already taped and glued all four pieces now I'm just checking it for square yep looks good I'll add a few nails and clamp it up I'm going to set this aside and then I'm going to focus on making those rails for those wine bottles these are the rails what's going to support our wine bottles the rails were made from a one by six by eight foot board that I ripped two inches on my table saw I then crosscut at the 21 and a half inches which is the inside measurement of my wine rack once all the rails are cut to length I then need to measure and find the equal distances for what will be the cradles for each of the bottles I want at least four inches from Center to Center for each bottle now I could use a jig saw to cut these out but I actually have access to a bandsaw I prefer to gang two or three of these pieces together with some tape I can make several cuts on the bandsaw at the same time now the final thing I want to do before assembly is I need the drill for those pocket screws on the backside of the rails the pocket screws are quick and fast joint to make our wine rack is now dry and I've been busy putting in the rails I want to leave the rails back three-quarters of an inch from the front and back edge now although these rails are going to be secured with screws I still want to use a wood glue to make sure that they never move or twist I also want to keep at least four inches in between each of the rails so I have proper clearance for the wine bottles a good tip for this is have a scrap piece of wood at least four inches then you can just clamp it to the side of your wine rack now I get the same distance each and every time since the wine rack is going to be a decorative addition to that kitchen I want to dress up these plywood edges now I'm going to leave the wood natural and apply a polyurethane finish so I've ripped down some quarter inch strips of that maple to which I'll edge band my plywood I've applied the glue to both surfaces the plywood and the edge band I'll then hold it in place with some tape while the glue dries once the edge banding has dried and the whole thing has been lightly sanded you're now ready to add your finish I purposely leave the back off because it's going to make it a whole lot easier to reach the insides after that it's just sliding in the back panel add a few nails at the bottom and you're all done well there you go not too bad huh I'll tell you what let's go install it and see what our homeowner thinks with a few screws in the style and a couple on the back this wine rack isn't going anywhere and as an added bonus I did the wine glass holder a wine glass holder is nothing more than a couple of strips of wood screwed to the bottom I think it's a really nice feature that's going to show off this wine collection nicely hey Brian come tell me what you think wow that looks great and even got a place for the wine glasses too nice let's have a glass of wine to celebrate hey thanks for tagging along with me hope you can join us next time and see what's going on in our neighborhood Cheers you

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