Wooden domino row building machine

The way the machine is supposed
to work is I've got a magazine full of dominoes and the
slider that goes like this and then this travels
continuously while this pushes the dominoes out one at a time. So now I need a way for
this thing to move when this thing is turning, and
this is where it got complicated So I figured I'd use some ball
bearings like this for the wheels and put those into slots here. And then have the rubber band
go around the shaft here and around this bearing here and
then just have that go around a couple of rollers, except
that rubber band keeps drifting to the side on here so I
ended up having to actually put these rollers at a funny
angle, so it barely works.

And now let me just
attach this here, and then this part
goes on here, like so. And let's see.
Now with this turning like this, that causes the rubber band to
drive the bearing down here and that should drive
this thing forward slowly. Now I want to have a second
drive wheel right here, and I figured all I have to do
is just copy this thing here but I'm a little bit
tight on space right there. This block fits in here.
And then the rollers go in here in this hole.
I just have to force that nail on there. That still doesn't
quite work right. I need this to tilt
a little bit more. Oh that's working pretty good. So these two blocks let the
nail spin on its pointy ends and I mounted the motor here,
and I added a third wheel for it to ride on,
so let's see how this goes.

pexels photo 5973892

So the machine produces about
a one point four centimeter spacing but I think ideal
would be something like a two and a half
centimeter spacing. And that means I need to
make these drive wheels turn a bit faster by somehow
thickening up this shaft. I work it out, I need to thicken
it to about this thickness, I can still make that
out of wood. Well, the spacing is about right
I just need something to guide those dominoes a bit better, and
make this not flop so much.

This piece of wood will keep the
dominoes all lined up as they go along here and to hold that
I actually have to reach over the row of dominoes, so I made
this part that arches over everything so potentially
I can stick the Dominoes even in that side. Now on this side getting that
support over here got really complicated which is why I
have a really complicated part that actually screws into the
top of the bearing block for one of its supports. And this part also has this
little hook here which keeps this thing from falling out..

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