What I Priced The Woodworking Projects On This Channel

– So I get a lot of
questions on what I charge for the projects that are on this channel. I'm gonna go through each product, starting from the first
one and all the way up to the most current, tell
you exactly what I charge, or what I would charge,
if I was selling it today. How you doing? Hi, I'm
Matt with 731Woodworks.com. On this channel, we build awesome
projects with basic tools. I also give out
woodworking business advice to hopefully help you take
your woodworking business to the next level and you can
make some money woodworking. You can build any of these products by checking out the links
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There's build videos on
every one I talk about. Don't forget to hit that thumbs up, go ahead and hit that subscribe button, click that bell right beside
it so you get notified of all the new content we got coming, and I'm trying to push out a bunch of it, so let's get to watchin'. Now, these prices will
depend on your area. I'm in South Arkansas, pretty rural. The county I live in
has about 20,000 people.

The town actually has 10,000 people, so you have to take that
type of into account. My customer base is smaller. I take that into account
when I'm pricing my items. I also have to take into account that this is made out of construction-grade
lumber, most of it, and we're not building,
you know, heirloom pieces. This is rustic farmhouse type projects. So the first project here
is just a simple bench that we made to store shoes on. It's like an entryway bench. You can put your shoes underneath it, and it gets some storage on
top, a little seating area where you can actually put your shoes on. The older I get, the
more I need to sit down and put my shoes on, you know. That project is made
out of two two-by-sixes and one two-by-four. And yes, I said two-by-four again. And also two one-by-fours. So the material cost
on this is fairly low.

I charged about $85 for
one of those benches. Next, we're gonna talk about
the very popular DIY farmhouse end table that I make. These tables are typically
on the top 28 inches square. I wouldn't sell one of those for less than about 175 to
$200, depending on the finish. If I have to stain and
paint, charge closer to $200 because it's a little more work. If you have to just paint the whole thing, you can assemble it and
then paint it, about 175. Again, you have to take
into consideration these are made out of all
construction-grade pine and spruce. This very simple DIY bench right here is extremely simple to make. It's either 90 degree cuts or
10 degree cuts for the legs. Very simple, very quick to
make, extremely easy to make. I've sold several of these. These are some of those things that you can actually
crank out pretty quickly. Make three, four of 'em, put 'em for sale, paint 'em different colors. That combination of stain
and paint works really well. A lot of people like that, whether it be a dark walnut
top or a special walnut top, just depends on what people's tastes are.

These are great little
benches for the home. I sell these for $65 because
you can buy a few boards and make several of these out of it. So again, on the dog kennel
550 to $600 for one this size. This is a fairly large project. 350 is what I actually charged
the customer for that one. I would not build it for that
unless you're trying to gain experience and a customer. That's perfectly fine on
any of these projects, charge a little lower so
that you can gain a customer or the experience of building. But if I was building
this today, 550 to 600, I wouldn't go any lower than that. So this laundry basket sorter was a beast. Man, this thing is ginormous
and it's not typical that you're going to be a one this size.

This was built for a, like
a karate room, I think, or some type of activity room
where people were going to be storing items in those baskets, pull the baskets out, store it in there. This thing was a beast
to make. 350 minimum. This thing was really
heavy, it was a lot of work. It doesn't look like it, but
that's what I would charge. Again on the stove covers, $100 locally, 130 if you have to ship
it, that's what I charge. That seems to work out fairly well for me, especially when you start
making them in bulk. So this farmhouse coffee table
is a really big coffee table. It takes quite a bit of work to build one. It takes quite a bit of time to build one. I charge no less than
$350 for one this size.

I wouldn't be ashamed to
charge 425 for one this size because it is so large,
because it takes so much time, there's so many steps involved
to build it, it's worth it. Sold this very simple
DIY farmhouse bed frame. We're talking 100, $150. It's one-by-fours, it's two-by-fours, it's a two-by-six, that's it. It's all screwed and glued together. There's no complicated joinery
here, it's all square cut. It goes together pretty quick. I'm thinking like 125
would be a fair price. So on YouTube, as well as in
life, you have some regrets. One of my regrets is this DIY
desk that I put in three parts instead of just one build
video, but I was learning, but you can check out all
three parts if you want.

I would appreciate it actually. But this desk is a really nice desk. It has four drawers. It was actually one of my
first time ever making drawers, but it come out exceptional, I think, especially for a beginner. So I charged a little less
because I wanted the job. I wanted to be able to build this thing, actually messed up on this
thing and put the drawers on the wrong side, I had to flip it.

It was a whole thing. You should watch the
video and check it out. So a desk like this, if you
went to a store and bought it, you're gonna be looking at a
350, $400 range I would think. This one was unfinished
because the customer wanted to paint it themselves,
so I left it unfinished, so I charged less because
of that, 250, 275. So all my flags that I build, I've got a few different
versions of those. I charge anywhere between 175 and 250.

It just depends on what they want. The Marine Corps flag you seen here, this was a one-off piece. I only wanted to make a unique piece, so I sold that one for $300
because it was the only one I was ever gonna make. Not gonna make another one. Wanted to have something unique. There's one of those in the
world, unless you make it, and then there'll be two of those. These small farmhouse end tables, obviously there's less work, so you wanna charge less money. We're talking 125 max,
probably closer to $100 because they are all quite small. Farmhouse console tables, coffee bars, whatever you wanna call 'em,
these things are popular. I'm telling you, if
you build one of these, you will probably sell it pretty quick. I actually sold this one for
$175 because I gave 'em a deal because they were buying
the entire set of coffee, that coffee bar, a bench and a table. However, standing alone, this thing is going to be 275 to $300. Just, I mean, I think that's a fair price. You can do tons of things with this. This thing has lots of storage.

It takes a pretty decent
amount of time to build one. They look fantastic. That's the price I would charge. My farmhouse dining tables,
I start those at $550. That's for a five-foot-long
by 30-inch-wide table. That's standard table height. That's what I charge. I don't care if I'm
painting, I'm staining it, that's the price we're starting at, and then we're going up from there.

They're heavy, they take
quite a bit of time to make, and they look good. And so it just depends on the finish. If you want to antiquing finish likes on my dining room table, we have to charge extra for that because it takes quite a bit
more work to do it that way. And if you get a bigger table, I have to charge more
because of how big it is because obviously a bigger table is gonna take more material, it's gonna take more time to make, and you're gonna have more overhead. My farmhouse benches, if
you buy them separately as individual benches, they're 150.

pexels photo 6383284

If you buy them with a table, I charge a hundred bucks with the table. Blanket ladder, and this is
like a very simple project, don't overcharge for these
things, like 60, 70 bucks. I built my wife this purse storage. I didn't charge her
'cause I'm not an idiot. I want her to have a place
to store her handbags. I wouldn't charge somebody to do this because I'm not building another one 'cause I don't wanna do work in homes. I don't wanna have to
buy contractor insurance and deal with all that. This litter box, pretty cool project. I don't have cats. We have dogs. I'm a dog person, not a cat person. These things are pretty cool,
250, 275 on the litter box. Tool cart, about $125 maximum if you're gonna make
that for somebody else, it's all I would charge.

As far as TV stands go, I've got three TV stands on this channel. This first one with doors, I'm not selling one of
those for less than $500. Those are a lot of work. Those are kind of challenging if you never done doors before. I'm not really a door guy. I suck at doing doors, I'm
gonna be honest with you, but this one come out really nice. I liked how it come out. $500 base minimum,
probably gonna be about 550 to cover the cost of time
and material on this one. On this simple modern TV stand
with just the hairpin legs, it's just two-by-eights, I
think is what I use on it. $150 probably maxed out. On the farmhouse, when
we built it for ourselves with the shiplap ends,
I'm doing 650 on that one. That thing is massive. It takes a lot of work.

It takes a lot of time and
effort when it's built like this to look like this, 650 bare minimum. This tiny side table that I make, you're looking at about 75 bucks. And I wouldn't probably go
more than that because they're super simple, they're super small. Christmas tree boxes, these aren't very popular. I've sold one, 75 bucks. This Christmas tree village
gets a lot of views, but we right now in the
year, it's got 28,000 views. I haven't been asked to
make any more of these.

I've only made the one for
one person, about $125, probably all I'll charge. DIY plywood shelf, very easy, very simple, about $150 because it's sanded plywood. Sanded plywood's expensive. As the price of that goes
up, so will this DIY shelf. Frame chalk board, pretty cool. I don't use one. We're looking at about 75 bucks. There's not a lot of material in it. It's just some Lauan,
or quarter-inch plywood with a one-by around it. Stained and painted with chalkboard paint, stained the frame, pretty
simple project, 75 bucks. Another small end table, 75 bucks. Mean that, they're so simple, there's not a lot to 'em. You shouldn't be charging
a whole lot for 'em. Farmhouse coffee table, extremely
popular, both on YouTube, as well as being able
to sell these things. You can push these things
to a lot of people. A lot of people love this look. I highly recommend if you want to, if you have a place to put one of these, you can build one and sell it no less, I don't charge any less than $350.

If it's got breadboard ends, if you're just gonna do straight
boards, no breadboard ends, you can probably get away with about $300, no less than 350. If you charge $400 for it,
I wouldn't be mad at ya. This DIY bar, you can use these as, you can actually shorten
this and make it a desk, a very simple-looking desk. You can make this a coffee bar. You can make this for extra counter space. These things are so useful, they are very popular, about 275.

This dog bed, we built
this out of black willow. I've never used black willow. I picked it up when I bought
some white oak from a guy. He had some extra laying
around, he gave it to me. I appreciate that. So I'd never used it. It's a really soft wood, it's
actually softer than spruce, so I wouldn't recommend
it on any table builds, however, this made for
a really unique look for a dog bed. We're talking about 150 on that. Rolling library cart, pretty cool.

My wife uses it in her classrooms. She really likes it. So if I was building one of those for a customer, about 125. This DIY desk with a drawer, this is a great little desk,
has a single drawer in it. I built this for my wife. If I was building it for a
customer, it'd be about 225. This DIY modern dresser
that I built as a gift for my daughter, if I was
building another one like it, $550 bare minimum. There's a ton of drawers in this thing. It is so heavy built. It's such a nice-looking piece.

When you see it in person, I
am more proud of that build than I am any other build that I've done. I love how it came out. There are some imperfections in it. That's just the way we are. We're imperfect beings, so
we build imperfect things. I love this dresser. I was so excited to give it
to her and I would not build another one like it for less than 550. I really like this farmhouse sofa table. It's a very unique look
with that X in the back. Pretty easy to build, I'll
sell those for about 225. There's not a whole
lot of material in 'em. They're fairly quick to make. They look really nice. DIY modern nightstand I made for myself. Actually my wife come up with this design. She comes up with most of
our designs, let's be honest. She's extremely talented. So this DIY modern nightstand, it's just hairpin legs I got off Amazon, And then I made a box out of
plywood, extremely simple.

It depends on how much you can
get those hairpin legs for, what you sell this for because
those prices fluctuate. Sometimes those are harder to find, depending on what size you need. But if you can get a decent
deal on the hairpin leg, then I'm looking at about $150 tops. This couples love sign, it
went through many reiterations while we were making it. She changed her mind a time or two. That's okay, she's allowed to do that. If we made one of these
for a customer, 175 to 200, depending on the style and the size. Floating plywood shelves. See that bug. Get in my face! Floating plywood shelves,
I wouldn't do those because I don't have a
contractor's insurance and I'm not gonna go to
somebody's home and build those, so I can't help ya. So this DIY daybed was
a really cool build. Again, my wife's design and I
really like how it turned out. It's extremely useful
for a smaller bedroom. I love this little bed.

I wouldn't charge less than 250 for it. We're probably creeping up 275, $300 range if I was building it for a customer. Little floating nightstand,
pretty easy to build, pretty simple, $75 max. And that's a rundown of all the projects that I've made in the past and what I would actually charge for them today with the lumber prices, with
my experience level, et cetera. This video didn't have a power tip. Yeah. You know what time it is. Power tip time. So I just kind of price my own video, or all my own projects, so
the power tip I guess would be price your projects however
you want to, they're yours. I try to be fair. I try to get my prices set
according to where I live and the type of projects
that I'm building. If you're gonna build these type projects, I would keep 'em pretty close
to what I priced 'em at, but that's just me.

If you can get more for 'em or they're really hot sellers,
you can raise your price, so that's supply and demand. And don't be afraid that
if a product is selling like hotcakes to raise
your price a little bit and make you a little more profit on that to make up for some of your overhead that you're spending on
your tools, your supplies, your electricity, all I good stuff, because a lot of times we actually forget about the overhead.

We only figure in the
supplies and our time, but screws, glue, sandpaper,
all that stuff, electricity, everything, all that goes in there, so if you raise your
prices up a little bit, not gonna be mad. If you like this video series
on the woodworking business and what we're charging and
how to sell your products, as well as how to sell
your products on Etsy, how to make money woodworking, drop a comment below, let me know that. If you'll click on this
set of videos right there, that's a playlist all about
the woodworking business. My sincerest appreciation for
you watching these videos. I'm gonna give you a virtual fist bump just for watching today. Thank you so much. Stay tuned 'cause we got
some pretty cool build videos coming up in the very near future.

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