Top 5 Woodworking Projects That Sell

– How you doing, I'm Matt
with Today, I'm gonna share with you my top five woodworking
projects that sell. So no matter if you're
starting out woodworking as a beginner, or if
you've got a business, a woodworking business, already, you wanna make projects that sell, or you wanna make
woodworking items that sell. I'm going to share with you the top five that I've done well with,
and hopefully you can too. There's gonna be a playlist linked at the end of this video, it's also in the description below, that'll show you each
project that I'll talk about. It's gonna be a step by step
video on how to build it.

So you can actually go
build this for yourself, sell it in your local
area, and make some money. So obviously you're
getting into woodworking, or you've been in woodworking, and you wanna sell projects to make money to help buy more tools,
to buy more supplies, or just to have a little side hustle, or be able to make some money on the side, or make it a full time business. These items do really well. So I'll start with small projects, and we'll go to large projects. Don't be intimidated if you see a table, a coffee table, things like that. You can build 'em; they're
really not that complicated. They may look a little complicated
if you're starting out, but if you watch my videos, I show you, I'll break
it down step by step and show you how to build them. They're actually very simple. First project that has
done very well for me is called a stove cover or a noodle board. May not have ever heard of these.

They've done very well for me. I've sold a couple of
hundred of these so far. I make several per week. So they're fairly popular,
and they're easy to build, and they're small, so you
can build several of them and not take up a lot of space. So you build them to
the width and the depth of the stove with handles. They're perfect for people
who don't use their stoves very much, or if you
just need extra storage in your kitchen, they
make great little items to store things on. You can move them off the
stove when you're ready to use the stove and move them back when it's cooled off.

That is a disclaimer I always tell people, "They're made of wood; they'll burn. Don't put them on a hot stove." So these things can come in many colors. They can come in many
sizes and even depths. You can make them flat; you
can make them two inches tall, three and a half inches
tall, which is a one by four. They look really cool. They go great in farmhouse style kitchens.

They go great in modern stock kitchens. You can use them as TV trays. You can use them as Ottoman
trays, serving trays. You use them in a ton of different ways, and they sell very well. Stained, painted, doesn't really matter. Right, the second thing
I wanna talk about, number two are end tables. End tables have sold
extremely well for me. It's one of the first
things that I actually built and started after my outdoor furniture. I built some end tables and
posted them for sale locally, and they sold. So I have a couple of
different styles of end tables that I'll put in the playlist, from fairly decent size
to very small ones.

These end tables do very well;
they're very easy to make. One of them is built
only out of two by fours with some one by shelving in the bottom. Very easy to make. They can be anywhere from 28 inches square down to 12 or 14 inches square. And so they'll fit many different homes, different sized spaces. If you're looking for these,
they can be various heights, but most of them are a
standard end table height. If you watch those videos, step by step instructions on
how to make these end tables, and I think they'll sell well for you. So on the end tables, if you label those as
"farmhouse end tables," those seem to do well.

I think that farmhouse label
is very popular right now, and you can capitalize on
that by labeling your items as a "farmhouse end table"
or a "farmhouse TV stand," that sort of thing. Number three on the list: coffee tables. Coffee tables do very well. They come in many sizes, many shapes. The ones I have in my playlist, you can build a really big square one, you can build a rectangle
with an X chunky style. Those do very well;
they're very popular items. They are larger, so they're
gonna take up more room. If you're building these to sell, and you're gonna post them online, have a place to store them indoors. So that may be something to consider. So a coffee table is very simple to build.

Usually, they're just all square cuts, where you don't have to worry
about a whole lot of angles or being round or anything like that. These have been very
popular for me in my area, especially the chunky style
farmhouse coffee table, as well as the big square coffee table. Excuse that video. If you watch the big square
one, the music's a little loud. I was just getting into
YouTube and learning how to do everything. Console tables or TV stands. A console table is something
like a kitchen cart. Put it in the kitchen, they
can put their appliances on it or a coffee stand where they
put their coffee makers on it. Got a couple shelves
underneath for storage. These sell extremely well. I've had a lot of success with these.

They're very beautiful. We have some in our home;
we've used them in our home. I've sold a bunch of these to
several different customers. They just look really nice. They're very easy to build, and they just, they sell well. You can make 'em however tall you want. 32 inch counter height, 36 inch, 42 inch if you want it at bar height. They just… They're easy to build, they're easy to customize
for your customer. If you build one, especially if you do… What sells well for me is
when you stain the top, and the shelving and the whole frame's a different color, like a white color.

Those usually sell very well because they're that contrast and color. They're very pretty, and they… A lot of people like that look. Some people use those as TV stands. I've made tons of TV stands as well. So if you're gonna build a TV stand, I recommend those be custom ordered, or if you wanna build one for yourself, and then you can post the pictures online that you have that skill or
put those in your portfolio, that's a good idea. So TV stand can be anything from a very simple square
frame with hairpin legs, those are very easy to build. You can step up to one that's open-framed. It's got the open shelves
on there that you can see with shiplap on the ends. Those are really, really nice. Build TV stands that
have doors to cover up storage or media, things like that.

All of these TV stands that
I've built have done very well. I liked building those;
it's a good challenge. Just like coffee tables,
these are all square cuts, so they're very simple to build, and they look a little more complicated than they actually are. Last, but certainly not
least, is the dog kennel. The indoor dog kennel,
not just any dog kennel, indoor dog kennels do extremely well. It's my top… It's one of my top videos on YouTube, how to build that dog kennel.

It's also one of our most requested items on Instagram and other social media. I get tons of questions about those. I only sell them locally because
shipping would be too much. So there's a market out
there for these dog kennels. If you have a dog, you can
build it with any style. You can build them small,
like end table style, if you have a small dog. TV stand style, a dog kennel/TV stand… They're basically combo
furniture items that look nice, they don't look like a wire cage, and they give the pet a little more room than just a normal small kennel.

Now, keep in mind if you watch that video, the dog we used for pictures and video, he only went in there, took the picture, and come right back out. He never stayed in that kennel. That kennel was not for
him; built for a customer. But these are very simple. I bought all of the items
at a local lumber store. Rebar, two by fours, one by sixes. Very simple to build,
but they look so nice, and you can build them in
several configurations, whether it be for one dog… You can put a divider in there;
have two doors for two dogs, and it goes on from there. They're very, very popular. I think if you built
a couple in your area, if you have a place to store them, because some of them can be large… You may start out with a end table style, small square one, see how that does, and you may grow from there. Also, I recommend if you're
gonna sell these online, be sure and stage your items.

What that means is you're
gonna put that table in place or that a TV stand in
place, put a TV on it, or if it's end table, put
some decorations on there, put a cup on there, whatever, you know, make sure it looks nice, and
then take those pictures. Staging will sell the item. So what woodworking tools
do I recommend you get to build these projects? You're gonna need a drill of some kind, maybe a drill and an
impact, some type of saw. And I used pocket hole joinery
on most of my projects. This is what I started with, the Kreg R3. It's a very simple… You just clamp it on, it
drills those angled holes. That's a pocket hole. And then you use their pocket hole screws for the size of material you're gonna use.

pexels photo 6430846

So this is about $40, 30, $40. It's very inexpensive to get started. It's a little more cumbersome
because you have to clamp, and then you have to unclamp and move, clamp, unclamp, and move. But I built a bunch of stuff
with this startin' out, and I still have it and
still use it sometimes. You wanna upgrade from there,
the Kreg K5 pocket hole jig. I have mine mounted on my
board just because it's easier to move around, and it
keeps it all in one place. This is a very nice,
nice piece of equipment. It's made of all plastic,
and it has a built in clamp. And so you don't have to
worry about trying to find your clamps and clamp it to the furniture. It adjusts to the size of the
material you need right here. It's a very good tool to
have, and it's about $130. So obviously you're also
gonna need some type of saw. I started out with a borrowed circular saw and two borrowed drills.

I have a video on how I
got started woodworking way back on the channel if
you wanna check that out. But you don't have to have a
bunch of tools to get started. Obviously, I started out
with those simple tools, building those outdoors
chairs from Jay Bates, and then I sold those and
then continued on from there. So it's possible if you have patience, and you start building items
and posting them for sale. You don't have to have a miter
saw to do any of this stuff. I do use a miter saw now. Like I said, once I've
started making some money, I reinvested it into my business
and was able to buy tools. That took quite a while;
don't be in a big rush, just build what you
can with what you have, and once you continue
to build up your tools and your skills, then you
can keep going from there. It does take time, just be patient. I'll drop a link in the description below to the pocket hole joinery and some drills and saws that I recommend.

So let's talk about
pricing, your items to sell, pricing your woodworking items to sale. This is always something
that gets asked to me on social media; somebody
send me a message and say, "Hey, how do you price this," or, "What would you price this item at?" Mostly gonna depend on your market. If you live in a larger
area, larger populated area, versus a more rural area like myself, you maybe can charge a little bit more, but the cost of your materials
may be more; I'm not sure.

The first thing I do is
go and price my materials. I've been doing this long
enough that every time I went to the lumber store and got a
one by four or a two by four or a two by six, I would
keep it in my notes app, how much that costs per board, whether it be an eight foot
board, 10 foot, 12 foot. If you can't do that, you can go to your local Lowe's, Home Depot, any of those big box stores
and price that lumber. Just go down the aisle
and just type in the price on the notes app. Keep that handy; you'll know what about what it's gonna cost you
to build a certain item.

So once you have the cost of the lumber or your materials down, now you're gonna have to
figure in how much time it's gonna take you. When you first start out,
you're gonna have no idea how long it's gonna
take to make each piece. So you're just gonna have to kind of guess yourself through this. So the outdoor chairs
that I built and sold that I actually started
with, the Jay Bates chairs. I sold that set for $150 starting out. I didn't know how long
it was gonna take me. I didn't really know
what I was getting into, but I was able to make
a little bit of money over what I had spent on
the material and my… Time doesn't matter if
you're starting out, not really, because you're
learning a new skill. So that's actually a payment in itself that's gonna pay off later.

So once I sold a couple of sets of those, I upped the price on
them because now I know how long it's gonna take me, I know how much the material is exactly, and so I know that I need to
make a little bit more money to stay profitable making those chairs. End tables. If you're building a small end table, it can go from $75 up
to a bigger end table. You may charge two, $250 for
one of those that are bigger, depends on how much time,
how much customization's in on those type things.

Coffee tables. You're gonna start pricing those about $350 is what I do, 350 and up, depending on how big the coffee table is and how much detail is gonna
be in that coffee table. Console tables, TV
stands, things like that. So a console table, one
of the first ones I built, I sold it for $175, which is way too low, but I learned a new skill, and now I know that I need
to charge more than that. So start those out. I start those out at about $250 and go up, but that's depending on your area. A more populated area,
you're gonna be able to charge a little bit more
because you have more customers, or more potential customers, in that area.

And so TV stands… A very simple TV stand,
so one with hairpin legs and just basically a frame, like the one we talked about earlier, it may go for $150, where one with doors and storage shelves, that thing, you know, it may go $400, or one that's a more farmhouse style with the shiplap on the
ends, got a lot more detail, you may sell one of those for $650. It just depends on your area and the time and the size of the item. Dog kennel. If you wanna sell one
of those dog kennels…

The first one, that
one, I sold it for $350. I sold that thing dirt cheap, but I wanted the
experience of building it. I wanted to be able to make a video on it, and so I've made up my money on that end. But if you're selling… If you're building those to
sell, don't underprice yourself. Those are a lot of work. You can customize those
in tons of different ways.

I always suggest starting
those out at about $450 and up, depending on the size. Stove covers; those things
are all over the place. You decide what you
wanna charge for those. I started charging $65
when I first started out. That's a little cheap, but I was able to build several of them, get several pictures in my
portfolio of different colors, different sizes, different
styles, that sort of thing.

Now I sell those… Locally, I'll sell 'em for a hundred. If I have to ship 'em, they're $130. These are my top five woodworking
items that make money. You can sell these locally. You can ship some of these. I've not shipped any large item, but those stove covers can be shipped. Most of that stuff…. Most of this stuff's going
to be a locally sold item or within a general area
if you wanna deliver it. All these projects are
made with simple tools.

All these projects are very approachable. All these projects have
been proven, in my area, to make you some money. I hope this helps you
to further your business or your hobby. So don't forget to reinvest your money into tools and supplies
once you make that sale. You can just start posting more pictures of everything you've built so far. Don't be intimidated if
you post the item for sale, and it doesn't sell
within the first few days or the first week. Sometimes those things take a little time. Don't be shy about reposting it, asking others to share it for you. Those things help out a lot. Family and friends are gonna help you out. If you have those in your area, that's going to help you out. They may actually buy something from you. Give them a little discount if you can. Now, I in no way can guarantee you that these items are
gonna sell in your area. I'm just sharing what's
worked well for me, and these items have
always done well for me. These are my top five items. I have had other items
that sell pretty well, but these are the top five
that have consistently done well over the last several years.

Thank you so much for watching. Don't forget to check out
that playlist right there. That's gonna take you
to those top woodworking items that sell playlist. Each one is a step by
step video build guide; shows you how to build it. Hit that thumbs up for me and subscribe. Don't forget to share
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