Top 5 Reasons Your Woodworking Items Aren’t Selling

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start with number five. The number five reason your
projects aren't selling is the lack of marketing. What does that mean? It means nobody knows about you. Your projects are not being
seen by enough people. It should be fairly obvious
that if only three people see your item that you've got for sale, your odds are a lot lower
of selling that project. You need to get those projects seen by as many eyes as possible. So how do you do that? I have a video all about
selling woodworking projects you can go check out. I'll give you the rundown, though. Have your friends and family share it on their social media as much as possible. You can also go to
consignment shops and set up. Share it on your social media,
get your friends and family to share it on their social media, put it in classifieds, that sort of thing.

You need to get eyes on your
projects as much as possible. The more people that see it, the more people are gonna
know that you're the person to come to for woodworking projects and the more they're gonna know that you can build custom projects if they see different items. I always recommend doing a collage picture of a few projects that you've made, the ones you're most
proud of, put up there, show 'em that you can do it. That lets people know,
even if they see it today, they say, "Hey, Matt Outlaw
builds woodworking projects. I don't need nothing right now." A few weeks later, they say, "Man, I really would like
to have a coffee table. Heck, I remember Matt Outlaw makes that. Let me go see if he can
make me one of those." That happens all the time. People see something,
three, four weeks later, two months later, three months later, they want something
built, so they contact me. Or somebody puts out a
question on the social media if they know anybody that
makes these types of projects.

I get tagged in that stuff quite a bit. Marketing, lack of marketing. Also, when you're marketing your projects, make sure that you're using
high-quality finishes, high-quality paints,
high-quality materials, to market your products with. When I give 'em a quote or
when I post things for sale, I let it be known what
type of finishes I've used and that it's a high-quality finish. Marketing, market, market, market, let 'em know that you're using good stuff. Number four, quality of your
finishes and your products. If you're using subpar
finishing, paint, stain, stuff like that, if you're
using poor-quality materials, lumber, wood, that's
not gonna sell very well or at least not for very long. You might get away with
it for a time or two, but the customers are gonna talk.

When they start talking bad, if you remember back, I
recommend a book called "Building a StoryBrand" by Donald Miller. You're starting your brand. You don't wanna start
off on the wrong foot. Don't sell cheap stuff. Don't use the cheapest products available. You're gonna hurt
yourself in the long run. If you're using cheap stuff, if you're going to Walmart
and buying the cheapest paint you can find, people are gonna know that.

'Cause the finish doesn't look good, the finish doesn't last very long. If you build something and the finishes doesn't look that great
and it gets scuffed up easy and scratches off easy, word of mouth is gonna spread. You're not gonna build
that loyal customer base that you want. Market it, use high-quality finishes, and let people know that you're using those high-quality finishes. I use Sherwin-Williams ProClassic paint. I use Minwax stains, Varathane clear coat. If you use cheap products,
word's gonna get out. I know that this stuff's expensive when you go to buying that
Sherwin-Williams ProClassic or the Benjamin Moore ADVANCE type paints. That stuff's 50 to $70 a gallon.

You're thinking, "Holy crap,
that's a lot of money." You're investing in your business. You're investing in your brand. When you use those high-quality
paints and finishes, you're investing in yourself. You're investing in future customers. Because what's gonna happen is, if you're using high-quality
paints and products, you're letting people
know that you're using those high-quality paints and products, they're gonna know that
you're doing the best you can, giving the best quality
product that's available. That's what you want. So one of the reasons your
projects may not be selling is because your finishes are subpar. They're not good enough, do better. Buy better stuff. I know it's expensive and
it stings a little upfront, but that's okay. If you're using higher quality products, you can charge a little bit
more to cover the cost of that. That's what you need to do. Buy cheap, you sell cheap. You buy nice, you sell nice. Don't forget that.

Number three, quality of your work. If you're not very good,
don't try to sell it. Practice until you get better. I've never made a perfect
project yet, never. Been doing this almost four years. I've built hundreds of projects and not one of 'em's perfect. I'm not saying you have to be perfect. I'm saying it has to be nice. If it looks nice, it'll sell. If it's all wobbly and wopagald, nobody's gonna wanna buy
that thing, man, come on. Make it right. Make it look nice. Make it square. And so that it's not all rocky and rickety and it'll sell, it'll do just fine. If you're using high-quality finishes and you're building nice
products, it'll sell. If you build something that looks like the seventh grade
classroom put it together, it's not gonna sell very well. Get some opinions about your woodwork. Ask your family members, ask your friends for an honest opinion on what
they think this looks like. Ask 'em what they would pay for it. Ask 'em if it's something
that they would buy.

pexels photo 313773

If the majority of 'em, if
they're honest with you, they say, "Eh, it could be better," then you need to do better. Find out what they would suggest you do, what would make it more appealing to them, and then build it that way. Just because we see it
one way as the builder, doesn't mean the customer
sees it the same way. So what you're doing is
you're trying to build for the customer. You're not building for yourself if you're in a woodworking business. Number two, price. Price. The reason product may not be selling, you may have it priced
too high or too low. Think about that.

If I put out a really nice item and I price it really
low, what does that say? That tells the customer that the product may not be that good. It tells them that the
quality's not very good or that there's something wrong with it if it's priced too good
to be true type pricing. And you're just hurting yourself. So or you've got, I got this little shop stool I built. If I try to sell that for $300, what do you think's gonna happen? Nothing, it's not gonna sell. Use the thing, got cobwebs all over it. You overprice stuff, that
may be why it's not selling.

I'm not telling you to undercut yourself, but you gotta be fair. I've got a pricing video
you can go check out. I'll link it in the description below. The main thing is to be fair with people. You need to make a profit
because you're in business to make money, but you ain't
gotta make all the money off a one person. If you're fair to people,
they'll keep coming back. People will do business
with people they trust. If you're a trustworthy person and you're doing people fair,
they'll keep coming back. You'll get more orders and
your business will do better in the long run.

If you overprice things, if people feel like they
got gouged on a project, they're not gonna come
back and they're gonna tell other people about it. That word of mouth's gonna
come back to bite you in the rear end. Don't overprice your projects,
be fair, they'll sell. You gotta know what number one is, you got to, if this channel
for very long at all, you know what the number one reason why your projects aren't
selling, poor picture quality and poor staging. That'll get you every time. You can have a really nice project, if you just put it out,
if I just take a picture of a table that I just
built sitting in this shop, nobody wants to see that. I take it inside, my wife
is an amazing decorator, she stages that item, she
puts a centerpiece on it, makes it looks like it's
being used in my home, have good lighting when
you take your picture and use a good camera. Most modern cell phones have
excellent cameras on 'em. Lighting's gonna be key on that. If it's in a dark room, in a dark space, you take a picture, it's
gonna look dimly lit.

It's gonna be hard to see your project. If you stage the item, and that just means you're
decorating that item just like it's being used, if you decorate it with
some nice decorations, you take good-quality pictures, very good pictures will sell a project faster than anything else you can do. If you're taking poor-quality pictures or if you don't have it staged properly, that's probably hurting you
a lot more than you realize. So that's the number one reason why your projects probably aren't selling. You gotta stage 'em up. You can't just take a picture
of the finished project sitting in the driveway. Take it in your house. Take it in your own
home, get good lighting. It doesn't matter if it's
just close to a window, an open window during the daytime.

Don't take the pictures at night unless you have some professional
lighting to do it with. Get good natural light coming in, take good-quality pictures,
frame it correctly, take multiple angles of that project. Good pictures and staging
will sell it faster than anything else we've talked about. Do it right. If you have any tips about why project weren't selling for you and how you fixed it, comment those below. That way, you help the community out. If you'd lie to support this channel, you can click the Join
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