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how many of you out there watching have
workshops in a storage shed how about a garage how about a basement if you're
like me you don't have a thousand square foot shop you don't have tools that cost
a thousand dollars or more apiece hens you definitely don't have a cyclone
that'll suck the paint off a Buick hey everyone
my name is Sam and welcome to Sam craft so come with me as we take a tour
through my sixteen by sixteen foot workshop inside of a storage shed
walking in the doors of my workshop here we have the automatic self heated glue
and finished cabinet it's basically just a cabinet to hold glues and a few of my
finishes with a thermostatic controller that will turn on this light bulb when
the temperature reaches 35 degrees and turns it off whenever it reaches 45
degrees what this does is effectively keep everything inside the cabinet above
freezing temperatures which is great because I do not have climate control
heat or air conditioning in my shop right below the cabinet here on the wall
is a drop-down wall-mounted table then allows me to take pictures for products
that I'm making my workshop a portion of my income is actually derived from me
making utensils and small things on my workshop that I sell online at craft
shows and then a couple of little retail stores here and there as such product
photography good product photography is key having the table allows me have a
dedicated spot that for the most part will stay clean because it stays folded
up and ready to go when I need it to take pictures to list things online
coming on into the corner is my lathe it's a nova comment to MIDI lays on top
of a self built 2 by 6 lathe stand against the wall I have a rudimentary
French cleat style of storage but one rack for all my tools with tools
spilling out of the top as well so I guess I need to make a bigger one I've
got a shelf that holds a couple of bits and pieces faceshield this is a little
camera mount from a GoPro and then a couple of other accessories here on the
wall to the right of the wood lathe is a mall bench top grinder this is a wind
model it's probably the cheapest one you can find I believe it's an 8 inch
grinder it is not variable speed but I bought a
variable speed controller that plugs into it that makes it variable speed so
in a sense I have a slow speed grinder for a fraction of the cost
moving on down the line right above the grinder is a monstrous mound of clamps
this is my current clamp storage and it's on the really short to-do list to
make this a lot better and probably move it somewhere else but for now that's
where they live at least I can see how lucky I am to have that many clamps
below the clamps is my shop heater it's a cabinet style propane heater that is
about an 18,000 BTU output and uses the little 20-pound propane tanks for
barbecue gas grills the heaters on wheels so I can move it all around the
shop as I need to and I really really like it so far I've had it for a couple
of months above the heater is a very small fan mounted to help circulate the
air around the shop and kind of push the heat around as I need to in addition
it's there for whenever I don't have heat to add a little bit of Breeze in
the shop as well let's go on down the wall and let's take a look at the number
one organization and shop improvement that I've done to maximize my space here
we have the rotating bench top tool carousel this is made out of basic basic
materials two-by-fours plywood PVC various small bits like that nothing
special in fact anything you can get at Harbor
Freight or any kind of other hardware store you can make one of these on top
of the tool carousel is my drill press this is a 12 inch model Delta it's an
older style and I got it used off of Craigslist I believe for 40 bucks to the
left of the drill press is my combo bench top sander it's a craftsman model
for by 36 belt sander and I think a five-inch disc sander I primarily use
the belt sander on that so I couldn't really quote you very well on the disc
but it's very good also another used tool fine off Craigslist to the right of
the Opress is actually one of the newest
tools in my shop and that is a power tech brand won by thirty strip belt
sander I got this off of Amazon it was the cheapest sander of its style I have
been using it for a while and I love it behind the drill press and in the corner
because it's the tool I use the least out of this whole setup over here is my
Hitachi scroll saw I got this girl saw at least ten years ago I did not buy it
used I bought it new so new tool but it's one of the tools that I probably
should not have got because Valentimes I've used it in the decade has been
really low but I've got it so Maz will keep it right moving on to the back wall
here in the shop you will see something probably kind of dominates the area no
not me the TV guys the TV I had a friend who asked me hey Sam you want a TV I was
like huh does it work yeah okay it's flat-screen okay yes sold so I've
got at my shop and I love having it I don't necessarily love how it dominates
this area so it might get moved to a different spot of the shop but
regardless it is fun to have down here as I'm working I can have a movie on I
can have YouTube on I can have all sorts of stuff playing music all sorts of
things plus it enables me to stay down here longer and work longer against the
wall here but how the TV is my current solution for a tool wall it's not the
greatest but it does okay and below it is a dresser that I got for free with
drawers that's full of hand tools and small like screwdrivers hammers hardware
got some bolts and nuts bins in there and stuff like that and then on top of
the dresser is my hardwood storage doing mostly wood turning in my shop having
turning blinks and having hardwoods of that sort is what I usually use the most
as opposed to long boards or flat wood stock so having it here in front of me
or I can see it I can visually kind of take inventory know what I should get
know what I shouldn't get is really really handy so for me I like having
this draft wood or stock wood where I can see it here on the right
side of my tool wall I have my craftsman cordless drill and impact driver my most
recent tool purchase right before the power tech sander was a craftsman 20
volt eight piece cordless tool combo kit here's two of them the other six there's
three there and there's two over there they're kind of scattered there like The
Lost Boys off a Peter Pan I really need to kind of collect them together and
build a nice dedicated area to have them to where I can easily reach and see and
look at because you know we're all about looking at our tools right over here on
the wall you'll see a couple of hand saws they're in pretty rough shape
they're our yard sale fines and I had the idea of restoring them maybe I get
around to that and then we have my lumber storage this file cabinet here is
an old one that I inherited from my father and it does well for storing a
lot of various bits and pieces I have one of the drawers are totally full of
finishes and spray lacquers and Steffan along that sort and the other two have I
believe that one has saw blades and this one has a lot of electrical cords and
stuff like that just general junk stuff speaking of junk stuff tada
this is the wall of shelves and bins and this is my current solution for storing
junk stuff as you can see it's not too pretty to look at but it is an
organizational structure system it allows me to group things by what they
are put them in their own little box and label it so that I know very easily
that's my Kreg jig there's no paint rollers and brushes
there's galvanized nails and there's parts for my car for maintenance things
that I keep putting off I should get to that saying goodnight yeah blow the
shelves here is what used to be the home of my wood lathe before I built its
dedicated stand this is kind of an underutilized area in my shop and it's
something that I won't be working on maximizing and organizing to the best of
its ability in the near future I'm standing in what used to be called the
storage side of my workshop in fact I used to have a false wall kind of a
hidden door right here in this section that now is a doorway I've been working
a lot in the past couple of weeks to really get this room organized and set
up to eventually become a dedicated McCain
Nik / automotive / it's not woodworking related so stick it in here a little
room of my shop behind this door is my home office in addition to making money
from woodworking I also work part-time from home in the computer arena or IT
field so it's nice to have a dedicated spot that's quiet that is dust free dust
free is a big one and that's what this duct up here is for it's a filter that
gives it a positive air pressure environment
yada-yada-yada but that's my home office so I'm down here a lot and otherwise
that's what's in that little cubby room over here in our last corner of the shop
is an entire space that I've deliberately give away I gave this whole
space to my two sons my oldest is seven years old and he loves to be in the
workshop as much as I do actually probably more he has his own workbench
his own toolbox his own tools his own scrap woods his own everything that I
can give him one so he doesn't get into my stuff as much which doesn't always
happen but to to go ahead and start instilling in him the values of doing
things yourself taking care of your own things and as he
is able to earn money buying new tools so that's his spot so here's the look at
the main central part of our workshop we have my table saw this is a rigid brand
10-inch table saw my router is built into an extension wing over the right
and then to the left is my workbench and then I have my band saw my jointer and
my planer those three are on wheels this is a fairly new layout for me
prior to this my workbench was against the wall and those two tools I don't
know if you're somewhere in the shop I really like having this new layout
because it gives me access to my workbench on three sides it ties the
table saw in together but doesn't make my workbench automatically have to be an
outfeed table and it also gives me the ability to have my bandsaw planer and
joiner in a central location but I can move them around as need be another
benefit of this is I can actually walk around this entire
tool island I guess you would say I can get to my router table over here I can
step through and use my bandsaw for small things I can easily slide it out
cut through my stuff put it back in place same point as a jointer
I can run it through here and the planer because it's such a mess usually goes to
the front porch and shoes the shavings outside for additional walkway mulch I do have plans on upgrading this
workbench in the near future because as it has become off of the wall and come
more of a central location of my workshop its flaws and design problems
have really come to light it needs a new top on it the one that is very strong
and sturdy and I really need to invest in one if not to good quality
woodworking vices in addition to that of course I'll put the holes in it for
bench dogs and kind of cool little gadgets here and there if I can but just
having a more solid workbench would be great in my book when I was working on
putting together my thoughts about making my shop tour I pulled my
subscribers here on my youtube channel and asked you guys what are some things
you want me to cover what questions do you have for me I wrote them down so
let's cover those now Connie asks about dust collection plans or my current
setup Connie this is a great question currently my dust collection plan or
setup is a window and a fan in the other window in the short term I want to get
my shop vac which right now kind of rolls around and kind of cleans up the
mess after the fact connected to my tools and have the right adapters put in
place so I can begin to collect the dust at the source with my shop vac
that'll be first up on my shop dust collection system in the future I will
be using a dust collector that is actually mounted below the floor of my
workshop beside my air compressor and have it as a more dedicated permanent I
guess more traditional dust collection system in my workshop I don't have the
parts yet I've still been kind of scratching my head as far as stationary
tool lay out and you know truthfully that's kind of my excuses so that's why
it's not been hooked up yet grant asks about sharpening turning tools with
delays that he's kind of concerned with maintenance well when I got started in
woodturning I had two choices which everyone who's getting started
woodturning has two choices nowadays when it comes with your tools you can
get the traditional solid steel sharpen in yourself or you can get the more
expensive carbide replaceable bit styles and go that route at the time of me
getting my lathe it was cheaper for me to get a traditional set of the steel
tools plus the bench grinder and learn to sharpen the tools myself that way
then it was to get a set of the carbide tools since then and as of recently I've
picked up two carbide turning tools and they are nice I like them I have a lot
more to cover in this subject but I want to save it for an upcoming series about
getting started or wood turning 101 the next question comes from a rod who wants
to know what is my favorite power tool and what's my favorite hand tool well
the power tool one is very easy for me it's my wood lathe I love it it's the
only tool in my shop that you can take a raw tree or a log stick it on it and
when you get that wood back off that machine you have a finished item as far
as my favorite hand tool this one's probably gonna be a surprise to some of
you guys and it's this tool this a very affordable 20 something dollar beaver
craft brand spoon gouge or a bent gouge the reason this is my favorite hand tool
is because this is a gateway tool getting this tool has introduced me into
the world of wood carving and has made me become very interested in it and had
me put it on my whiteboard as a skill to learn this year I want to get more into
actual wood carving of traditional mallet and gouges as well as spoon
carving and stuff like that so hopefully you guys are interested and you'll come
along with me as I learned that new skill this year a rod also asked if I
could upgrade one tool in my shop what would it be
he further defined it as one power tool and one
well the power tool that I would upgrade if I could is this right here my bands
off currently I have a craftsman 10 inch model bench top it's done great over the
years I really don't have any complaints or issues with the exception of the
depth of cut for this guy is limiting I would love to have something larger just
for the larger depth of cut as far as what hand tool I would upgrade
yikes I honestly can't think of a hand tool I have that I want to upgrade I I
don't know maybe I'm easily pleased I don't know man
even my cheap little flea market pan plane I love it any flaws or problems
with that hand plane is because I'm not taking the time to tune it up and
sharpen it right so it's not the tools fall it's mine sorry a rod I don't have
a clear answer for you and I guess I'll let you down on that one and the last
question came from a viewer channel called design and make he wanted to know
about what lathe recommendation is what I have I'm gonna save that one from a
wood turning series as well but it'll be coming up soon so don't worry as you can
tell my shop is a constant state of progress it's always gonna be improved
upon and as such I've built a custom playlist for this called building a
better workshop it's where all of my shop projects or shop improvements go
and there'll be a link to that playlist in description below as well as any
other pertinent videos say of the lathe stand that I built my rotating bench top
tool carousel and stuff along those lines I do appreciate you all watching
hopefully you've stuck to the end if you have give me a thumbs up hit that
subscribe button if you're not already a subscriber and I look forward to having
you along in 2020 in my workshop and you come in to see what creations things I
get into and solutions I come up with in my small workshop until next time be
safe and have fun you

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