Primitive Skills: Build first Workbench for Woodworking, Furniture

This is the whole scene when I finished the foundation I proceeded to repair the outer ring to make it tidy and cleaner Dig the soil, remove the big rocks I use bamboo sieves to sieve soil and gravel use raw materials to make the surface of the yard smooth, look better When we sifted the rocks out, threw the rocks away so the soil was lacking, I proceeded to get more soil behind the tent to compensate The stones are sifted, and now I have to take them and dump them Ax sharpening This is a piece of wood left over from the time I built a house, now I use it to make a hammer Cutting dry trees is really difficult, but it's not a big deal for me Knives, Chisels, Axes are the tools I use to do my job This is the soil I have sifted through I push a wedge in the middle to make the hammer secure 0mg! It's broken this is the complete product is great, looks pretty flat This is the result of hard work.

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haha I went to cut trees and did another job This is trash wood, it's pretty soft I cut one low, one high to navigate the fallen tree as I want Hitting the plane cutting wood to make the base of the table feet will be installed like this punched the feet of the table, all four holes square 5cm, about 10cm deep is finally done, pretty sure Smoothing the table top trial, very great Here is the result, looks solid and cool I will use it for woodworking, to make necessary applications, like furniture, water mates.

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