Mini Cocktail Arcade Step-by-Step Build – Part 1 – The Woodworking!

hey everybody this is Jeff and I'm coming to you with another arcade video Here I am I'm in my basement my little arcade area but one thing you're not going to see in here that I am going to be making is a mini cocktail if you've watched any of my videos before you will know that I have made a few mini cocktail machines and I only got a request correspondent with the fella from my YouTube channel and he is very interested in one of my mini cocktails and I'm going to be going through and making that and I've actually started already I'm just doing a little intro to what I'm gonna be posting so I'm gonna post a couple maybe three I don't know how many parts on this but I'm gonna go ahead and post the first part now and I'm gonna show you all the woodworking and what I do these are gonna be long videos so if you want to skim through them and find the pieces and parts that you find interesting obviously feel free but hopefully you guys will get something out of this I'm gonna show you my router and what I do with the routing and cutting and really just the details of everything so that's what this part is and then I've got another part where we'll be putting it together and the screws that I use and that type of stuff and we'll just see how this develops so I hope you enjoy this and without further ado here I go out to the backyard to begin my mini cocktail for my new online friend that will soon be getting it alright guys this is jeff and i am back with an arcade video and you might be wondering why am i showing you a bunch of tools well this is the stuff that i use to make my mini arcades or anything like that so I had a request to a while back now but this is my first chance that I've had to to actually build a mini arcade I'm building this mini arcade for a new friend of mine someone I just met online who commented on one of my videos and he's very interested so I'm going to go ahead and build him one of these but I thought I'd take the opportunity to show you guys I got my little flip set up here hopefully this will work I can kind of show you my little setup and what I do for the woodworking don't laugh at my setup I'm out here in my backyard I don't have much of a yard I've got a tiny shed and I've got a townhouse over here that has no garage on it and I have a very small laundry room slash workbench area so I can't do my woodworking inside so I have to kind of make everything outside and but I got this piece of wood you know you'll see I just make do with what I got so I want to show you this is what I've been using for my routing and this is a Ryobi it's been really good I don't really care about what the brand name is other than I know it's a good name but it was on sale at Home Depot I got this for $50 and this is the router bit that I use okay so if you can see this router bit try to zoom in on it and show you focus a little bit okay so basically it just got a small little curve on it okay so all you want is the router bit with a small curve and you want the very top of this curve to be flush okay so if you look at that like that you'll see that that's where I get my rounded edge and you'll see how it turns out but that's my router I have a a cordless smaller cut-off saw here it's a craftsman really nice I ended up getting a kit with this and something else this cut-off saw and then I also went and got the the craftsman though elect a cordless drill that goes with the batteries and this works for me because the wood that I use over here right there is the MDF wood so it's quite soft and it skims through it I don't know how well it's gonna work because I hope my batteries got enough juice in it but I'm thinking about getting one that's for plugging but and then I've just got my old jigsaw this is literally a really old skill jigsaw and and I used this for some of the cuts which is really nice and this one's electric and then for the rest of my whole setup I basically ended up getting a set of bits you can find these you know pretty inexpensive at places but these are good bits that I can eat that I use and this is a nice little set of bits that I use and this is an awesome little thing I found on sale as well but I mean these are wonderful I use this for for all the little screws that I put in but and then I use these clamps down here and I just got some various things so I will go ahead and show you guys how I do this and I'll be guys I just want to show you this is my you know this my handwritten measurements that I kind of refer back to there's nothing fancy about this at all I actually have them posted out there if you want them so what I'm gonna do right now is I'm gonna do this side and because that's where most the routing call comes in and it's gonna be 29 inches long and then what I'm gonna do is is I've got two measurements depending on what I do I'm gonna do the four and a half because the montt the monitor I have is a little bit thicker I want to make sure that it'll fit in there so it's gonna be four and a half tall and then I'll cut these slots in there so I am going to show you that now all right rolling here well I like this piece down all I do is I do a lot of clamping all right and then that's all I just use this piece of this board here for is clamping that's good enough so not much to this but I'll show you anyway this is just cut off stall work okay like you see all how that really makes that that dust and then I'll just cut this down the middle so I'll be back to show you that in a minute I know this is not the best part the routing parts really what I want to show you so be back in a minute and show you this cut this just cutting it with the saw but I forgot to show you all the steps that I'm doing here might as well go for it right I should be wearing my glasses but I can't find them so I'll just squint alright here goes okay so that's one of the sides and then on up cutting these the nice thing is is that I don't have to end up using a table saw because of the routing so I don't have to be super exact with that so I'm gonna go ahead and draw these lines and then I'll show you how I cut those alright I cut this and then now the next piece is gonna be to cut here to here right so I got to cut that piece out so then what I end up doing is is it's five and a half right five and a half inches from the corner over to here and then over on this side actually got on this end is the measurement then I've got a measurement of either two and a half or two and three quarters depending upon what I want and I think what I want now because I am at the four and a half hundred four and a half mark I want to do two and three quarters so I end up doing two three quarters here okay marked out here hopefully you can see that so I'm gonna cut that off I used to use a jigsaw for this but I found out that it's actually even a cleaner cut with this and so here goes this parts the the trickiest part right here you can see what I'm doing you just want to make you sure you're real still on that because you want that corner to be nice and again we're gonna be routing it so doesn't have to be absolutely perfect and then we'll be sanding it so that's the beauty of that if you mess up at all then it's not that big a deal all right a little clamp on that get these two done al on the ears all right there we go now it's ready and then I'll clamp it down and show you how we do the route point out see I got a client down here but it's actually a little bit tedious with this handheld router where you have to kind of you can only do a certain amount then you have to kind of reclaim pit because we're gonna be we're gonna be routing all the way around and then we're also gonna do this side so this whole thing gets routed on this side and then the whole thing gets right on the other side I actually have a router table in there that I picked up on the cheap it was 150 bucks at Home Depot and I have yet to use it but I wanted to show you the my original way of doing this because I actually haven't used that one yet so and this is a lot cheaper version so if you're not in a huge hurry this will work so I will show you alright guys here goes he goes with the router it's gonna be quite loud this is even louder than the other stuff so I'm not sure how this is going to turn out if you have to turn it down or if I'm gonna put some I don't know music or something while I'm doing this we'll see what happens all right this thing's pretty powerful so obviously got to be careful let me just show you the one side here so this is what it looks like when you've done one side okay so you can see that seam see the seam here all right all right this seam right here that's the part we have to sand off and then when I do the other side right once I wrap this side they'll actually be a small little seam down the middle and I'll show you that but that'll be the part that we sand I'm not sure how much you saw that other video I'll show you I'll do some more videos of this but my battery died in the flip so I'm charging it right now but we're gonna go ahead and do the other side and I'll show you some of these finished products all right my my flip died so my son's gonna video this he's gonna try to get a nice close view of over here yeah as it goes along so here we go oh jeez okay keep going bub I'm gonna flip this around and then I'm gonna have him go on the end over here so he can see the end part which is a little tricky so go ahead and stand over there are you still vidiian mm okay I go ahead and lower it go lower and I'm gonna I want you to kind of get a nice view of that part he's very helpful not nook not quite that close back up a little bit okay I'm gonna need to take that clamp off I can't take that clamp off all right hold on guys okay all right Wes ready get that right there sure he did here's the finished product as far as the routing is concerned hopefully you can see that so let's see if I can focus a little bit it's getting dark out here come on focus hopefully that's focused but there's a little hold up there's a little seam there you can see this part right here and this part on this side so that's that's where we're gonna have to do the sanding I don't know if I'll video any of the sanding because really well I'll show you what I do a little bit on the sanding but the sanding part is I've got a stand right I haven't showed you that yet but I'll show you alright just show you the sander I got here nice little black & decker you can use any sander but this is this the one I got it's I like this because it's got this nice tip on here which is good for getting little corners and stuff but you know really this is just sanding but I'll show you a little bit of it basically I'll show you how we take these edges down alright so there's the finished product I was running on a light outside there but I don't know how much you go to that sanding bit until my flip died again but hopefully you can see that I'll give you a little bit of a close-up right so we basically we just took that edge off and then I used I use pretty heavy grit sandpaper the nice thing is is this MDF it's very moldable cuts a right word to use but then what I'll do is I'll take some finer grit sandpaper and just take it in my hand and kind of go across that and make it nice and nice and smooth but now you can see that basically that's that's the routing part that's how I make my edge hopefully that helped out on the routing part I will come back and I'll do some more of the other pieces and just show you how I put it together piece by piece because I was asked to do that by a few people out there so I figured why not do it while I had the opportunity so there we go that's one of the sides I'm gonna go out sand the other side even though it's a little bit dark and I will come back to you on another day and show you some more of the rest all right folks this is day 2 I'm coming back for some of the more the doing the boards woodworking here with this MDF and of course I got my setup here outside and doing the control panels right now so just look over here I'll show you what I've done and so focus on this right now so we're doing the control panels which of course will go in this slot right here right so what we're gonna do is 5 and 3/4 and across 15 inches so we're gonna have to control panels 15 inches by 5 and 3/4 and I have cut one of them right here I didn't think I needed to show you that just but and then what I'm gonna do is now that I've got this they're gonna be exactly the same I'll just go ahead and mark this up and draw it off I won't even have to worry about measuring it it's just a little cheap but what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna route the edges along the top and I won't route the bottom just the top because I think it looks better there's no reason to route the bottom because that part won't be showing and I'll show you that as well because I know some of my videos cut off my lip is works pretty good but the battery's not very good and then I'm gonna be drilling the holes in there and I'll show you how to do that as well see how the battery does on this but I'm gonna go ahead and route this so you can see what I'm doing Hey okay you can see that but get that much so we'll just spin her around here I just I think I'll just do it like this I don't like this to begin with hopefully you can see that again this is doing it with this Regulus regular router here or not the routing table okay all right so hopefully can see that so we're just gonna route that and then what I'll come back I'll come back and sand that I'm go ahead and route the other one and then all I'll do all my sand in here in a minute all right the last piece I had to cut as far as uh with my cut-off saw over here was the pieces that fill in this spot right here right so this is the bottom piece this is uh right here will be the control panel but you've got a spot right there we've got to fill in and it says here one and three-eighths but what you have to do is is if you if you do four and a half on height instead of four and a quarter you've got to kind of go in and measure that so what I ended up doing was 1 and 3/4 fit really nicely in here for these two pieces so basically I just cut a 1 and 3/4 piece I won't have to route that at all but what I'll do is I'll just sand it a little bit to smooth off the edges and make it a nice piece of wood to fill in there now that all goes together here in a little bit I'm what I'm gonna do now is do the control panels I'm gonna go ahead and route it and I'll go ahead and video that as well and we'll see what ends up in the video all right guys I've got the control panels and the end pieces all sanded down you can see what basically it's like a 220 on my my sander and then I take like a hundred grit over it and that seems to be fine enough to to sand everything down nice and smooth and then now what we're gonna do is we're going to drill the holes okay so I'm going to go ahead and hold this still for a moment so you can see all these measurements and I have this in the I'll go ahead and put these into the description of my video they're also in the description of my mini cocktail part to my original ones as well but I'm not gonna have to go over these too much now obviously if you do three buttons then you'll have to alter these a bit but the these are my measurements from what I've got but what I've done is is when I did the first one I have a template I actually screwed this up on my first very first one it was a wasn't wide enough so I actually ended up keeping it as a template and I actually made another template for my three button one so all I'm gonna do is you can see I put that his bottom right you can see that how it's not the right size but if I line this up on the bottom down here well all I'm going to do is gonna circles dots in the middle and then use an inch and a quarter bit I think I'll come back to that just a minute but I'll show you how I drill these holes that would just show you we drill in these holes basically I'm using an inch and a quarter and make sure you see that inch and an eighth sorry inch and an eighth this is perfect for the buttonholes and it works great for the joystick so you can clamp it if you like I attend the clamp it because I just like to make sure it's nice and secure and why not if I've got the ability to do it and then keep it right in the middle there hey excuse me lot of dust going on here but all right there's one hole not too bad this MDF is a lot softer so it goes through quicker here we go and it makes a little bit of a mess on the bottom but not gonna see there anyway all right so that's one hole I'm gonna go ahead and finish these other four actually five other four holes I have five on this one and I'll have three on the other one this would be the one and two player so I won't need but three holes on the other side and I'll be back with that all right finished product here on the control panel holes so there we go we got the one and two player joystick in the middle and one and two fire buttons and joystick and a one two fire buttons and I just you know just took a little sandpaper around the edges on the inside make it kind of clean but the buttons will cover this up and then there'll be a joystick cover that covers this up anyway and and then I'll end up there'll be a graphic that goes over top this whole thing and then when I put the graphic on I'll cut this out and I'll show you do but the next piece and really are the last bit of cutting is another sneeze pardon me is on the side I'm gonna go grab one of the sides and we have to do the tests which hole which is 3/4 inch hole for the tests which we have to do a two and a quarter if you can see that two and a quarter by one and 1/8 slot for the power supply and then that'll slide in there okay and then this one's gonna be just precise we're fairly precise which is a basically half an inch up which means that the half-inch piece that's the bottom basically we'll fill that half inch right there and then it's a half inch this way and an inch and three-eighths going across this way and this is for the SD card extender and I will you'll see what I mean but I got to cut those three little holes there so it's not a lot of cutting but just got to be kind of precise especially on this one here so I'll be back and show you okay officially died so I've rigged up something with my iPhone here so don't mind the box hopefully it won't fall over blow over all right I'm gonna show you how to cut how I cut this out so you can see this is the two and a quarter inch over here one 1/8 inch this way so I've got a little box cut out let me see if you can't see that we show you real quick right so there's there I went ahead and drilled a 3/4 inch hole so I use a 3/4 inch bit for the test switch right so here's the little test switch and then this is the power supply right here which will slide down in there so you've got to be kind of precise to get it just snug forth working so see what I can do put this back up here and then I start with a bit in the corners so that I can get my jigsaw bit in there all right so I'll show you the jigsaw a bit so there's the jigsaw bit but it's got to be big enough to slide that in there so I'll show you how to do that real quick don't okay here we go okay when in that corner okay so we can see I put one in each corner now I can get the jigsaw bit in there and then cut all the way around I felt a little too close over there so I just decided to go to this corner so hopefully you can see what I'm doing here with the jigsaw next this is kind of freehand so you just got to be watch that blade it's kind of loud so hold years there's two cuts from this hole now I'll take two cuts from this hole take this clamp off to get through this one go to the other side as well and there we go see what that looks like so there's our square well this baby fit I think if I had two hands it would probably fit right down in there and if it doesn't you can kind of just take a take a your drill bit and kind of skim across this you know just to skim a little bit of the edge you can see where I was a little bit off right there but you know you can kind of just or file or something just enough to get this to slide down in there cause you want it nice and snug because you want you don't want to go too far out over these edges because this edge is pretty pretty small and then the last hole will be over here for the SD card extender so I want to show you that that's the piece that will sit and what you'll see on the outside is that so we want the hole to be about that size and then this extends back into here it's a really cool little addition and then right here goes into the board so this way the board doesn't have to be right up against here I can extend out and you can get to the SD card for updates and things like that right from the outside so I'll show you that in a minute all right I got this marked off so this is an inch and 3/8 and 1/2 inch right there and it's a half inch from here usually I just take a piece of this and line it up because this will be the let go simulate the bottom piece so I want that line to be right on the bottom of the bottom bottom part of the arcade and and then I actually do another one like that for a half inch because this tends to be exactly what I need for this think it's a little fat in the middle so you want it tight and snug but not too tight and because you can put a clamp I'll put it up with a clamp over it and everything keep it in place once it's inside so I'll show you that later but this is basically the same concept I'm not going to video it same concept is this hole but I'll just drill down in there and jigsaw that out and I'll be back later with another part of this video this'll actually kind of conclude the the woodworking part but then I'll show you how I put it all together with the with all the pieces I did over there and the sides and the bottom and I will be back later on until then alright guys I hope that you enjoyed that got something out of it you know I'm I'm not an expert woodworker I'm not an expert electronics guy I'm just really sort of a handyman and I just try to do the best I can with what I got and I'm sure you can see that from the basic things that I have but you know I figure it out as I go and hopefully you got something out of it and if you have any questions or anything like that let me know I'd be happy to help if I can that's why I'm doing the videos so stay tuned for part 2 coming soon until then game on

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