Making big V-belt pulleys from plywood

when i made the drive pulley for my 26 inch 
bandsaw i cut the groove on that using my tilting   rotor lift and a slot cutter on this rotor lift i 
can just tilt the whole router assembly and that's   how i got the angled size for that v-groove but 
you might want to build that bandsaw and you might   not have a tilting router lift so let's see how i 
can do that without the tilting router lift so i'm   going to make it this size which is a bit smaller 
than the one on here this one really is too big foreign i am starting my circle with a backward 
scoring cut to avoid tarot on the bottom pretty clean on the bottom a lot of cheap runner 
bit sets come with a slot cutting bit like this   so i'm going to use that to do all the work 
i just have to put that in the rotor now the slot needs to be about 10 millimeters deep so 
i'll just set my fence to that and the plywood is   18 millimeters thick so i want the center of the 
bit to be nine millimeter above the base like that   and to avoid things getting out of hand 
i'm gonna put a side stop right here the next thing i did last time is just to 
tilt my router lift by 20 degrees but you   don't have a tilting router lift so instead 
i need to incline my work piece by 20 degrees now this v-belt is half an inch wide or 12.7 
millimeters and this is 18 millimeters thick   so realistically i want about two and a half 
millimeters left on either side of the groove so   let's just check that with some scrap i've got uh 
too much left here so i'll raise the router a bit that's about right now i'm worried that i 
don't have enough bearing surface on here i   might step back a little bit so i'm going to add 
a little bit more support down here right there that's what it sounds like when the router 
can't turn because the bit has hit the fence that's looking good and the belt doesn't 
bottom out in the pulley now before i do   anything cutting out in the middle i'm going 
to draw some concentric circles on here   that way i can reestablish the exact center 
later on even if the middle is missing now   if i was going to put this pulley on my bandsaw 
i would cut the square hole in the middle of it   and then carefully center it like i did 
this one i talked about that in the video   about making this wheel but instead i'll 
just try to put this pulley on my lathe i want to get this hole exactly perpendicular in 
this workpiece so by rotating the workpiece 180   degrees every few millimeters of drilling that'll 
cancel out any angle air in a drill press table   i've also drilled a hole through the sides 
on here and this is for clamping down on the shaft oh nice and now let's tighten that on the shaft a bit so if i had a non-woodturning application 
where i needed to turn my lathe really slow   this is the way to do it now in the past 
i've also cut these uh grooves like that   on the table saw just by making multiple cuts 
like that and then of course to get the sides   i can just tilt the table saw so it's a 
bit like a tilting router lift but i don't   recommend that procedure because it's a little bit 
hair-raising and for smaller pulleys it makes more   sense to make a temporary pulley to spin the 
shaft and then just lathe them with a chisel   and aside from band saws i've also made 
pulleys like that for my apple grinders   because those need to run fairly slow 
otherwise they throw chips all over the place

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