Make a wood Shut-the-Box game.

this is a shut the box game there's a lot of different ways you can make this if you'd like to make this version check in the description for a free set of plans I made mine out of cherry and paddu it's really just a box with a playing surface for rolling dice and nine numbered blocks that you try to shut in this video I'll show you how to make the box and do the inlay I'm starting by cleaning all the wood down to a half inch thick these are going to be the sides of the box and I'm making 45 degree miter cuts I need to make an eighth inch hole on two of these sides I'm going to do both of these at the same time and I'll make a quarter inch rabbet along the inside edge of both sides of each of these I can put this together temporarily so that I could measure out the top and bottom panels the end I only goes on one panel the top piece so to make it I've got a straight bit in my router and I'm just going to make a really really shallow rabbet all the way around I can cut out those inlay strips after it's all glued together since the bottom panel is going to be covered with felt I'm going to put the nice side the cherry veneer on the outside and the top piece put some weight on there to hold it together while it dries I don't want to put a lot of weight on there because those quarter-inch panels may sag a little bit you may remember an episode I had all the way back to well last week it was one of my most popular episodes ever but I made really thin strips over wood and I'm going to use the same technique to make the inlay strips on this project these aren't going to be quite as paper-thin as those ones last week so I'm going to go about a sixteenth of an inch now I just need to cut these strips down lengthwise to fit into those rabbits and do that I'm just going to cut it with a razor blade now hold this in place with some carpet tape so I can cut it without it slide let's see how lucky I got pretty close I'd rather have it a little oversized now I could just sand down the edges that's pretty good fit where these two strips meet I've made miter cuts before just by following the miter cut on the frame but it's going to be a lot easier if I just but these together and I can just sand this all flush now I can run this through my table-saw and separate the lid from the rest of the box these shims will help keep the box from pinching the blade as I make the final cut this piece of paddock is for the flippers will flip over like this but before I slice them up I'm going to round over both sides with a quarter inch roundover bit not slice this into one-inch wide pieces I need to drill an 8 inch hole into each of these pieces so I've set up a stop block on my drill so that I can repeat it on all nine pieces I'm going to finish all these pieces with spray lacquer cut out this half inch by half inch strip then I'll just glue down inside the buck I forgot to put the numbers on so I've got these adhesive numbers that I'll stick on it and then I'll just apply some more lacquer over them I picked up this eighth inch diameter steel rod at the hardware store for the blocks to rotate on I'll thread all of these blocks through putting the steel rod through then I'm going to put a washer in between each one I cut that rod shorter so it doesn't come all the way to the end of that hole and I've got a little 8 inch wood dowel I'm going to glue in there to hold it in place do the same thing on the other side okay go ahead and put the hinges off and put the latch on the front I'm going to try to avoid scratching this finish when I cut these off I'll try to sand this flush without scratching too much the frame I picked up this adhesive back felt at the craft store to place shut the box you start with all of these numbers in the up position the goal of the game is to shut as many of these as possible a roll pair of dice and either play the sum of the two which in this case I can't because that's an 11 or you play the two numbers independently so I'll knock down B 6 at the 5 then I can roll again the object is you just keep rolling there's a 2 and a 2 so I can only play the 4 keep rolling until you can no longer shut any one and a 1 I can play a 2 and there's a 4 and a 3 I can play the 7 5 and a 5 10 so I'm stuck I can't play either 2 5 0 and I can't play a 10 so what I do is I would add up my score here in this case that be 10 18 21 write it down and then the next player tries to get a lower score I think there's a lot of different ways you could play this game there's a lot of different ways you can make the game I know one variation has 12 numbers instead of 9 I really love handcrafted wooden games because there's so many opportunities to really craft something special and beautiful thank you for watching this week's episode of woodworking for mere mortals don't forget to subscribe if you like this project I have new woodworking videos every Friday and in case you missed the announcement earlier this week we opened up a 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