Little Lumber – Build a Scale Model of Your Woodworking Project

building a large outdoor project like a storage shed or a gazebo can be an intimidating process especially for people who are just getting into woodworking part of the problem is that there's really no way to practice building something that's large in most cases we buy just enough lumber for the project itself and then drag all the boards out to the yard and try to figure out how to piece them together this can be really difficult to do because the boards are going to be large heavy and awkward and move around a little lumber store offers a unique solution to the problem by using miniature sized boards cut in precise 1/10 scale you can easily visualize how a large outdoor project should come together the best part is that the small scale allows you to work out the details of your project in the shop not in the backyard little lumber is perfect for designing a project from scratch or customizing a project plan you'll already own at 1/10 scale you have a nice bird's-eye view of the entire project this will help you discover any problems in the design before you spend a lot of money buying the full-sized lumber now my outdoor project kit includes all the board sizes you would typically buy for projects like sheds gazebos and play houses like two by fours two by sixes four by four post and 4×8 plywood panels I also have an indoor project kit that includes several sizes of one buy lumber like one by fours one by sixes and one by twelves both kits include a printable template for making your own cutting diagrams a downloadable calculator for estimating lumber cost and a one-tenth scale ruler for measuring and marking up your little lumber of course you can also mix and match individual boards to get whatever pieces you need for your particular project now the best way to start using little lumber is to first sketch out your project plan either on a sheet of graph paper or some of the graph paper templates I have available at my website here I'm getting ready to build a 1/10 scale model of a shed and I'm laying out the design of the back wall with my drawing complete I can now use my little lumber to build a scale model of the wall little lumber is already cut to match an 8-foot board length but you can easily cut the boards to whatever length you need I like to use a small saw and a miter box using the template I drew earlier it's easy to assemble the pieces of my scale model a glue gun works great for holding everything together I think you'll find that building a small version of your project first is not only a great way to test the project design you have in mind but it's also a great way to boost your confidence and give you the courage you'll need to take on the real thing later to find out more about little lumber visit my website at easy woodshop comm thanks for watching be safe in the shop and do good work

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