I Built a Wardrobe! // Tiny Apartment Build Ep.12

Today we are going to build a large closet for a small apartment with hands-free doors and Drawers that also function as a space divider. Okay, so now that you're done with the entry closet it's time to build the last big piece Apartment furniture. I plan to raise the storage all the way up the roof but I'll save that for later. I will be using eucalyptus plywood for this project but it can be done MDF or even particleboard covered with melamine, although plywood will give you the most durable And strong construction.

This wardrobe will be the most important section of the space so we can have a small entry An area that brings some privacy to the living is an area when the door is opened. It also provides a great storage solution for such a small space. I think that in order to create a comfortable living area in a small apartment, furniture It should be thinner and taller, maybe even going to the ceiling so that Most of the floor space is kept free. So this wardrobe will be thinner than most wardrobes, being deep enough Accommodate a clothes hanger with a slight large wiggle room. I have planned the project what you can find in the description in case you are interested Build your own. Therefore, this construction does not contain any special joinery, I just connected everything with Screws and in some internal spacers I used pocket holes.

Since I will be drawing all of this during the end and this is basically a built-in project Presumably belonging to space, I wasn't afraid to leave some of the screw heads visible like I will Disguise everything. This build process is very similar to the entry locker I posted together Months ago, if you watched this other video, you would get additional useful information I didn't cover these details here. I've also used the concept of support blocks here to help me place the midsection in The place since I was working alone.

I had no choice but to build this project on site due to its massive nature And the presence of a path connected to a dust collector space had to be preserved Clean up and reduce clutter as much as possible. So here I was hanging the booster pieces that I decided to have the same thickness As the rest of the chassis to give the construction full strength. So I built the whole thing here out of 18mm plywood. In addition to serving as a room divider, this wardrobe also has a wall shape on the back, Using good flimsy paper was not the way to go for me. This wardrobe has two sections and I decided to build it separately mostly because The walls in this space are not 90 degrees nor even close as you likely noticed From previous projects I got some trapezoid structured them.

And since I didn't want to lose any volume storage space, it seemed to make sense to build Smaller section meets corner corner than overlooked and has a hidden gap afterward to me the wall. This wardrobe is perpendicular to the entry closet even when entering Space, you have no idea this room is a trapezoid because this built-in furniture It hides the facts.

At this point I had to check if the plum matters were flattened. The floor was not, so I had to lift the left side of the wardrobe and insert the shims with My feet until everything looks fine. Then I connected both components as well as drove a few screws to attach this to Entry locker. I want to hang a wall lamp that I made a couple of years ago here upon entering so I did Install wiring on the spot. It will be incorporated into the wood bar so that it stabilizes the meeting edges of the support cut.

So the electrical wires will be hidden along this seam and work in the lower area Of the wardrobe that will contain drawers. I found a strip of maple that looked the perfect size and did a couple pass on Drum sander to make it smooth. I can then create a hole for the wire in the middle of the strip and cut it to length. Because the hole in the bottom of the wardrobe was drilled at an angle A little bit of material to make room for the wire to bend into the hole. Installation was very simple with a nailer. I can then start preparing for painting. I applied clay to the plate and corner seams. It was the first time I used this paper tape intended to hide lines of meeting and hope Don't pay attention to what you did like this it might be wrong. I have absolutely no experience in this area, but still wanted to try. It will be easiest to start this type of building by painting the panels then Cutting and assembling I recognized this while building the entry locker but unfortunately I forgot again and repeated this build error until …

If you can, apply the finish Even before you start assembling to avoid him countless boring hours of overtime End. I sanded and remodeled the entire cabinet by giving it 3 coats of cloud white paint that It is the same white shade of concrete walls. I also applied caulk to the existing gaps and can finally hang the wall lamp. I can now work on the drawers and for this purpose I will be using ready made 12mm birch plywood. This plywood is not the best looking plywood but the fact that it was finished mattered Me because there is no extra work required besides cutting and assembling. I cut everything into 16cm strips then cut the strips to length to match the tray Slide dimensions. I installed a scrap piece to the table and saw the fence to act as a stop block so that all of the pieces were It came out exactly the same length.


Grooves for receiving bottom panels were to be saw on the table using a set of Dado blades. Here I've been picking up the worst looking faces to be placed in the back of a wardrobe The front is where the pseudo-front will be attached. Then I drilled a bunch of pocket holes. There are designated openings to receive the tray slides and I made a quick dance to be able to Quickly drill all holes into the correct position.

It's time to cut the bottoms of the tray to size and for whoever used the ready-made 6mm birch Plywood. Assembling the boxes was a very easy task and I put screws on the bottom To reinforce and keep everything square. Back in the wardrobe, I can conceal the undermount drawer slides into the cabinet and Install drawer boxes. These are drawer slides with a top end for easy use of drawers, which means they will open and Close with one click. So I had to add these components in order for them to work with one click.

I can finally start working on the fronts and it will be made of Baltic birch To match the look of the mural bed, sofa and kitchen. I did my best to arrange the portions so that they were matching pills to give Continuous look. To mount concealed hinges I used a rocker jig which makes it easy to drill Big holes are in perfect location every time. I will link all of these dance equipment and descriptions below for you to check out.

The hinges that I install here will actually be modified in order to work with Hint hardware that allows these doors to open with one click like drawers. Basically, the spring has to be removed from the hinge though you may find Invisible hinges on the market, they are not very common. In case you can't find it or want to use the hinges you already have, I will soon He posted a quick video showing how to remove the spring from the hinge, so stay tuned that.

Another Rockler template jig used to drill holes for the hinge plates and cut off Depends on it. This wasn't easy to do alone the doors were big and heavy for me. After cutting the false fronts, I went ahead tugging them from the back into the boxes. I wanted to see if the size was ok before applying the finish. I have installed false fronts several times for my projects so this time I do not explain The process is step-by-step.

I removed all doors and fronts to finish them with water-based varnish. The construction is basically finished, all I need to do now is make and install the rod hangers Two shelves. I drew the hangers on the computer and cut them onto the X-Carve of black MDF. For the rod, I simply used a thick wooden dowel. perfect! Here I've been drilling holes for the shelf pins to receive. To nailed the finishing touches to the wall at the back Clapboard and fill the gaps with caulk. The lamp cord can now cross its way to the nearest wall outlet and you still need to work On electrical conduction but that won't happen on this video. The wardrobe is ready to go and I'm so excited to get one more big item From furniture checked from my releases list.

If you want to build a similar wardrobe, I've got plans available in the description below. I have not listed the angled side because it is clearly not applicable to your case. Instead I planned everything nicely and square corners. Now let's see what it looks like when I enter the apartment. So here's the entry locker and I made a slit on the board to receive the slip Door. I still need to work on wiring the wall lamp but so far I really do We are glad to see that things really take shape. Well hope you got some great ideas for your next project and if you want support My business, go ahead and get some things from my online store at gethandsdirty.com/shop. I have T-shirts, hoodies, bridal bands, laptops, mugs and much more! A big shout out to Laminar and all my patrons who made this video possible! If you want to become a pro as well, head over to Patreon.com/gethandsdirty Thanks everyone for watching, stay safe Keep your hands dirty!.

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