Huge Homemade Wooden Toy Crane (Part #1 – Woodworking) Motor | Remote Control | Magnet | DIY

hey everyone how are you? This project was taken few months ago
during the coronavirus lockdown Everybody were at home and I thought
it's a good time to make something with my kids. My kids participated in the
project – in the planning and also some of the woodworking part. On this video
you're gonna see the woodworking part the structure of the crane and some
accessories that I made like a magnet As you will see in this video there is a
plastic box This box contains all the electronic
parts – the motor, the LED lights The remote control receiver. The preparation of the box will be on the next video. Enjoy. Thank you for watching. if you have any
question or any suggestions for the improvement of the crane, just leave a
comment below. I would love to hear everything Make sure to subscribe so you
won't miss the next video. On the next video I'm going to show you how did I use this remote control and what's going on inside this box, including the motor
the led lights and some other stuff.


Thank you .

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