How to make wooden blinds

everybody welcome to the shotgun ring as I promised unfortunately I did not get this video out prior to me leaving for Japan but I sent out a video stating I was going to really try hard to get it done before but I just ran out of time and I end up not even packing till 10:30 11 o'clock at night and I had to leave at 5 o'clock in the morning to head for the airport for my departure to Japan so I bring that time and I apologize but here's video an extra two weeks had to wait but here it is and if you've ever thought about maybe making some type of a wooden blind or giving yourself a little more privacy in your patio area maybe this'll inspire you to do something but here's what the end product look like you so I've never done this before this is the first time to tempt but I'm always up for a challenge and I don't mind stepping out of my comfort zone so get out of your comfort zone you never know what the outcome may be you may be pleasantly surprised so follow me as I go through the process to learn some of the mistakes that I've done so you don't do them very simple pretty basic tools don't need a lot and you'd be surprised what you can actually do well thanks again for watching follow me on Twitter subscribe stay up-to-date of any future projects and there's some coming out I have Minnie coming out this month going to be busy if you subscribe hit the notification button so you are notified when my videos come out so you can check them out so let's get building time for some wooden blinds custom wooden blinds let's go I've never done this before I have an idea what I want it to look like it's just figuring out the process as I go let's get the measurement and we'll cut the four by four you cut the end off square it off then I'm gonna cut the length okay see the surface is so uneven here so I said a little bit at time know exactly how it's going to work stay gonna work right it's been about two hours it's just a lot of figure in cutting kind of fun angling it's just not going to work if you see it's at an angle like that back one is plumbing true this one goes out because the wall instead of going straight with the house it curves in so there's no way to keep that straight without this having a huge hangover it's not going to work out right so I'm going to keep it the best I can like that it just it just is what it is there's nothing else I can do I want to have to alter my design to incorporate the flaws whoever built this block wall it's just the nature of the business sometimes oops okay well originally I thought I was going to each section individually but because of the extreme unevenness of this block wall they weren't landing up right so that had to go out the window so I'm back to originally like I had it set up solid piece on the bottom solid piece on top equally divided sections I'm going to frame the inside with 3/4 cedar and then somehow do the horizontal slats in there but this which looks like this is how it's going to be that's the best I can do let's get the pocket holes keep this secure so this parts done I'm going to use my creative pocket hole jig to drill out some pocket holes I'm going to use this for each of the center supports so that is the framework as it stands now I'm apologize ahead of time it's getting a little bit windy on now but got to deal with it or maybe not in real windy out now that I have the basic frame each individual pane I'm going to cut and with the slope of the roof the ends side side are going to be different lengths because the angle the roof coming down so every pain I'm going to custom cut I'm going to use my Craig pocket hole jig to put that together a little side note you know what I don't endorse anybody and nobody endorses me this is all me and no one else doesn't matter the brand the tool what I have but I have my measures up my phone it's very good for me because something like this I take a picture of the opening and I measure every corner every side I put that in here so I have it here so I know exactly what each measurement that I need to cut are and for what I do on different occasions not every occasion not every job but on this particular one my measure app comes in very very handy my measurements right there it is find my mark right here down keep that right see the shadows right there get right perfect kind of hard to see that shouting out in the daylight like this it's there I just want to make sure I'm real close there we go crab jig out set that in there to find eights on this side get right there five eight steps set my stop collar it's good to go 5/8 is right there five eighths too far that's what I want to do about a little bit more switch snugs perfect right there dois one high I get my drill ready up there anywhere I want it just flush to the gloom there we go well I just remember something and I wasn't paying attention when I cut I cut the overall dimensions top and bottom is fine but when I put the sides in I forgot to allow for the thickness of the woods so I have to cut these shorter I said I'm trying to get this camera set up and I make mistakes I it's so much easier for me just the work and do but if this turns out good it might be a good idea give you a little inspiration and try so much just at your house I have these 90 degree angle blocks and I got from Rockler now use them to hold this square as I drill put the screw in so I just make sure these are snug that's flush and that's perfect rub wine I just take my driver put that in put the screw on and sit it in and just take it easy in there because you don't want to over tighten and strip it out this one there that's it goes on there use these little spacers to get the block of the higher down there that's it go over tighten it until it stops and you're done so now flip it over and do the top and this one is finished and we start doing the vertical or the horizontal slats with the frame assembled this is exactly how I wanted to insert it into the frame at the house so this will be the outside back here will be the inside patio area so I've looked at the wood see how I wanted it and arranged it accordingly as the best-lookin facing out and inside where you can see so now I have to cut the slats I loosen this up slide it out I'm gonna get this right at 43 and 3/4 for my all my cuts it's a little bit strong that's why I want so it'll be tight perfect I have a system set up that I do to set these things so I'm gonna get my stuff out and I'll show you how I got my little type jig thing whatever you want to call it setups like a Mounties and keep them all the same angle what I did was to kind of make sure they're all the same angle everything in here I had two pieces cut at a 40 degree angle and I got about three quarters I got about an inch on this end so that's what I want the first one that said so like that I got an inch and a quarter piece of wood I just ripped it on the table saw 40 degree that so the sets right there so now when I put my slat on there it's sitting at the 40 degree angle and it's set to inch and a half from the backward exactly where I want it once that goes on all you have for these blocks that are inch and a half and that's the spacing I used I set like that and I put the next one right here and I keep tearing them that way all the way that's what I did you might know better ways but I just that's what I came came up with for my application so I can do all these the same right there right there so our next one I set like this this and my next board goes right there and I keep the same distance the same angle all the way up and all I do is trick me a couple of rad nails on hm to hold it and that's it you that easy that simple we're all lined in the same looks good hopefully it's enough to deter the rains so I'm going to finish doing the rest of these up you saw the basics of it I'll show you the final installation what it looks like it's complete okay this is the basic frame apologize for the jet noises they're having an airshow at March Air Force Base tomorrow so there's a lot of jets flying around today is the rest of it and that section there is a full section from the top to bottom so that's basically it I mean you can go to the hardware circuit whichever what you need if you have a block we have a look whatever it is secure the bottom the top I'm just using metal screws to inch I'm going to countersink them about a quarter inch or so the blinds like these will slide right in here so there won't be no room for them I'm going to come back tomorrow windy today but I will come back tomorrow and install them I'm gonna let this dry another day I'll put the water seal code on them I want 48 hours for them to dry for I put them on so this is this side and you see the front part and then that part there is a full length and these are my blinds all done now just like that that's the finished product that's what it looks like all done hey Brooke break but I want to say thank you so much for viewing I hoped maybe that inspired you a little bit maybe get you a little motivated to get up there and build some blinds for your place wasn't too bad actually came out really good I'm very pleased with the outcome and always I'm thankful for you viewing my videos and as you can see this is a precursor to another one coming out soon I'm right in the middle of doing my ceiling so hit hit ceiling painting and flooring all my home improvement series coming up so again if you subscribe hit the notification button so you will be notified when the videos come out like it be blessed get out there take back your shag follow me as I take money back little by little build up for friends build it always for family most importantly build it through your sanity thanks again see you the next video you

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