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hey everyone I'm out of white and today I'm going to show you how to build an Adirondack chair using some very basic tools all at a really budget-friendly price if you'd like to see this project built in person be sure to check out the do it herself workshops being held in all home view post stores on June 20th now this is an extremely sturdy chair that you can customize to match any outdoor space and it's really easy to build to start you'll want to get your materials and your tools together for the project you'll need the following items for one by fours that are eight feet long three two by fours that are eight feet long and six feet of 2×2 now I'm just using standard exterior wood deck screws but you could also use pocket hole screws or your favorite joinery method these are two and a half inch wood screws and these are one and a quarter-inch exterior wood screws you'll need some extra wood glue and exterior wood filler to fill those screw holes as well for tools you'll need a compound miter saw to make your angle cuts a jig saw to cut out the arched back a measuring tape a drill with a countersink bit a square and some clamps to help hold your boards in place and don't forget your safety gear it's always more fun to build with a friend so my friend Wendy here from the Home Depot is going to be helping me out today hi Anna I've already measured and pre-cut all the materials thank you so much this is always nice to do because once everything is cut out you can just jump right in and start building first let's start by building one leg set I'm going to get rid of all these boards and start building that sounds perfect to start attach a back leg and one front leg to an arm support with two and half inch screws through pre-drilled holes keep the top and outside edges flush then mark the front leg on the inside with the arm support on the outside leaving one and a half inches in front of the stretcher attach the stretcher to the front and back legs with two and a half inch screws and glue the bottom corner of the stretcher will match the bottom corner of the back leg build the other leg set but don't forget to put the stretcher on the inside and the arm support on the outside now we'll attach the front apron to the two leg sets it's really starting to look like a chair now next we'll put the seat slats on begin at the front of the chair and attach the seat slats to the stretcher with one and a quarter inch screws and glue leave a half inch gap between the seat slats you'll want to pre-drill all of the holes to prevent the wood from splitting now attach the back support to the back legs with two and a half inch screws matching up measurements with the project plan diagrams next we'll build the back by attacking all the back boards to the seatback base support leaving approximately half inch gap in between then attach it at the top with one and a quarter inch screws using a jigsaw cut an arch shape on the back we used a large round bucket to draw the arch place the back inside the chair and secure it in place with two and half inch screws also screw the back to the back support with two and a half inch screws finally secure armrest to the arm supports with one and a quarter inch screws and wood glue thank you so much waiting that was so much fun yeah with this plan in just a few hours assembly time you too could have a lovely sturdy new chair for your outdoor space and by using different types of wood stain or paint you really have endless possibilities to make this project your own if you'd like to learn how to build this Adirondack chair in person join us at the do it herself workshop on June 20th at your local Home Depot you can also download this plan as well as the plans for the matching footstool and coffee table and their how-to videos from Home Depot com see you soon thank you see you soon

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