How to Build a Shaker Fireplace Surround | DIY Project | Woodworking Project

hi ha'll and welcome today we're gonna be
doing an update to the shaker fireplace surround there's been a lot of questions
about this fireplace and I appreciate that and continue to send those
questions my way this video is going to give you a little bit more detail on how
to build the shaker fireplace surround only also if you're interested you can
purchase the kit for this I'll provide the link in the description below and if
you have any questions feel free to comment and be sure to give this video a
thumbs up if you liked it and don't forget to subscribe let's get started the first thing that I have to do is
create the rabbets this is what holds the MDF board in place it gives you that
shaker style look there's a lot of repeatable steps to building this
fireplace sometimes I find that really enjoyable other times I get kind of
bored but anyway that's just how woodworking goes it is nice however to
see when your pieces start coming together and you start gluing things up
that's when it really becomes real my fireplace is probably my favorite
thing that I've ever built second would probably be the pantry because that's
from all food is.

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If you really want to build this fireplace but you don't have
all the tools or the time to cut everything down I have a kit for you
i'll put the link in the description and also here in the video. Now if you do
have all the tools I have a blueprint for you that gives you all the
dimensions and everything you need to make the shaker fireplace. I will put that is a link in the description as well. Ok so we finished the top part here it is this
is how its gonna sit on their fireplace and you're gonna have another column go
over here and then your mantel is gonna sit on top I only put one I guess skirt
or bottom on it because you don't need one on the top because that's where your
mantel sits and you need access to inside for the installation all right so
now you know how to build the top let's go build besides the process to build the sides isn't
that much different from building the top you have to cut this skirt you have
to cut some more rabbets and you got to put all that together and there's more
sand I live up in Illinois and it gets really
cold here the day that I filmed this it's actually 55 degrees it felt so
warmed because we've had like a brutal winter we hit like a all-time record low
of -17 degrees was the high that's not including the windchill and it was
cold so this day that I'm putting everything together it was a warm day of
55 degrees the last part of this build are the supports or the way to hold the
shaker boxes to the wall you can see here the brackets or the blocks used to
attach all the boxes to the wall and here's one for the bottom all right we finished we have the sides
that were built you saw I did that I've also included the spacers for the top
you can rewind and see how these going they go on at the top those are
half-inch and then you also have the baseboards that go right here I provided
that as well and then the block spacers and then this is something new that I
added it goes on the edge to kind of help hold that top piece in and I
thought it was a really easy way to do that it's not in the original plans but
in this one it's a little bonus for you you can buy all this and a kit if you
don't want to make it yourself the link is right here or right here I don't know
where it usually pops up but you can go get that and install it it ships flat
none of its assembled it's all just pre-cut you have to do the gluing I
provide the screws however and I did that just in case your dimensions are a
little different you could just chop off a little bit at the bottom or cut down
the little and MDF boards to make a little narrower just to fit your space
again I hope you like this update to the shaker fireplace if you did give me some
thumbs up hit that little bell if you want to get notified of any new videos
that I post and as always don't forget to subscribe alright I'll see you later

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