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if you're looking to add privacy and pizzazz to your outdoor living space then a horizontal fence may suit your needs it's a popular choice for modern style homes and landscapes and is typically composed of redwood or cedar boards the amount of time needed to install a horizontal fence depends on the size of your yard and the areas you want covered you'll need a few items to complete this project including a post hole digger a drill and of course your lumber add a few extra pieces for trial and error measure your fence line and confirm that you have enough material to perform the installation taking measurements will also help you stay within your property lines now if you're not comfortable taking on this project by yourself you can hire a professional feel free to contact the Home Depot for an in-home consultation and installation remember before you begin any fencing project you should check your local codes and ordinances and call eight one one to have any buried utilities marked good luck and thanks for shopping at the home depot the standard height of a horizontal fence is six feet your post hole should be 10 to 12 inches wide the depth should be 1/3 to 1/2 the length of the posts or at least six inches below the frost line whichever is deeper this is especially important if you live in an area that's prone to freezing temperatures during freezes the ground expands and this expansion can push your posts up and out of the ground over time digging the post hole in a bell shape wider at the bottom than the top can also help alleviate the sup word pressure a deep post hole will give the post the support needed to withstand inclement weather power augers are available at all Home Depot tool rental centers once all of your post holes are dug fill them with four to six inches of crushed gravel or stone this will help drain water away from the base of the posts next place the posts in the post holes adjust them until they're plumb and brace them on two adjacent sides fill half the post hole with the soil you dug up and tamp down the area firmly with a blunt end of a digging stick then soak the area to compact the soil to keep the post sturdier apply six inches of fast drying concrete to each post hole add water according to the manufacturers instruction and allow the concrete to set for more detailed information on setting posts please watch our installing fence post video at video Home Depot comm and click on the fencing section once your posts are set cut the boards to length and attach them horizontally align the first board with the leveled Mason's line this line should be a minimum of two inches off the ground to prevent the boards from rotting the board should be attached flush with the ends of the corner and gate posts attach them on Center to line posts a scrap piece of wood can serve as a spacer to keep uniformed gaps between the boards this spacer can be cut to any size you like here we simply cut down a stake we used earlier to brace the post the wider the gap you create the less privacy your fence will provide but more light and air will be allowed to pass in this video we're using con Hart redwood boards redwood is known for its natural beauty and resistance to insects rot and decay used X screws on each side to secure the board's onto the posts hot-dipped galvanized screws offer erosion resistance for the treated wood and it will protect the redwood from developing black streaks after application if you're installing a gate along the fence line gate bracket kits with attached hinges and screws can simplify the process we're using home axes easy gate no sag bracket kit in this instructional video the kit comes with all the screws and hardware you'll need to construct the gate drive pan screws into the brackets in all four corners of the gate to connect the top bottom and side rails in some cases it may be necessary to cut your bottom and top rails and inch shorter than the opening to enable the hinges to work properly decide which way the gate will swing for your fence and attach the top hinge using four wood screws repeat on the bottom hinge pre-cut the fence boards and attach them to match the style of your fence remember the gate rails are not as thick as the posts so shorter screws may be required for attaching these fence panels to maintain the beauty of your fence periodically clean it with mild soap replace any damaged pickets and apply a low pigment stain if you're ready to take on this project here are the tools and materials you'll need to complete the job


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