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what's going on everybody I'm Johnny Brook I'm here with my buddy Ryan welcome back to another craft magazine video and today we're going to turn this bourbon barrel into this liquor cabinet the first step in this project was securing the metal hoops that wrap around the barrel they were fairly loose probably due to the fact that no liquid has been stored in the barrel in a while and we were concerned about the structural integrity of the barrel if the hoops were left as they were we knocked the hoops into place as securely as we could then we drilled 5/16 inch holes through the hoops and the staves of the barrel and placed 5/16 inch one and a half inch long carriage bolts in the holes we chose galvanized carriage bolts to try to match the rivets that were already in the hoops and we're extremely happy with how closely they ended up matching we drilled four holes per band spacing them evenly around the circumference of the barrel the next step was to lay out and cut the hole for the opening of the cabinet we basted the opening around the sides of the shelf we purchased for the cabinet which was 18 inches in diameter we ended up cutting a hole roughly 18 inches high by 17 inches wide this gave enough room to comfortably place bottles in and out of the cabinet but also left plenty of material to keep the barrel structurally sound we marked the beginning and end of each cut and made the cut with a circular saw we used a technique called a plunge cut to start the cut and just an FYI a plunge cut can be dangerous so just make sure you're confident in what you're doing before attempting one the circular saw plate ended up being the perfect size to just ride along the edge of the hoops making the cuts extremely easy we also made our cuts just wide enough so that it started and ended at the edge of a stave that way we didn't have to make vertical cuts in the barrel we finished off each cut with a handheld flush trim saw and the staves fell right through next we added nuts to all the carriage bolts and tighten them with an impact driver this made the barrel feel extremely secure within it added two additional hoops to the barrel which we left off during cutting to make cutting the door easier we secured the hoops in the same way as the others with four holes per hoop and carriage bolts in each hole after securing the hoops into place we cut them to width with the hacksaw and filed the edges to remove any burrs and sharp areas to secure the shelf we added four metal 90-degree brackets that were five inches long we secured them to the barrel with three screws for bracket and then secured the Shelf to the brackets with two screws for bracket the resulting shelf is very secure and should easily support as many bottles as will fit on the shelf overall the project was fairly simple and didn't require many tools to finish just a circular saw drill driver and that's about it it only took us about three hours to finish the project will be adding LED light strips inside the barrel to make it easier to see inside hopefully you enjoyed this project if you did please like the video and subscribe to our channel we have tons more DIY and woodworking content coming up in the future also make sure to check out our app crafted magazine on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store and until next time thanks for watching guys you

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