How To Attract Women Buyers | Sell Woodworking Projects To Women

– Hey, I'm Amy with, and today we are gonna talk
about woodworking projects that sell to your female clientele. First of all, I want to
say thank you to all of you for all of the prayers. I am in recovery mode over here, it's getting better, feeling better. Good to be with you today. Hey, so I wanted to share
some information with you. According to Forbes, it says that women drive 70 to 80% of all consumer purchasing decisions. That's a huge percentage. It also says that 94% of women spend over an hour per
day, shopping online. You need to make sure that your website is part of that hour. If you would like to see a
video on woodworking projects that you can market directly to women, comment below and let us know that. So as a woodworker, you are
in business to make sales. You need to know who the
bulk of your buyers are. Most of the time, when it comes to pieces that
are gonna go into a house or big decor pieces, it's gonna be the women
making the choices out there.

So, men need to know
how to market to women. And I know I have a lot of
female woodworkers out there, big fist bump to you guys, you are doing great,
representing us well, thank you. So when you get ready to market
to your female clientele, what you need to know is that as women, we naturally want some type of human layer into whatever it is that we're buying. That means that we've probably
done research already.

We've looked at Etsy,
we've looked at Pinterest, we've looked at, you
know, different stores. We want to picture a piece in our house with our own stuff on it. But not just that we want
to picture it in there, we want to be able to picture
it in multiple places, different areas of our house, so you need to know how to do that. The biggest part of that is
gonna be your staging process.

We talked about staging and our
earlier videos, Mr. 731 has, but staging your product
is one of the key points when you are trying to
market your products. Whenever I look at something, I try to picture where I
could fit that in my house. I'm not gonna look just at
the project that's been built. I'm gonna look at what that
project is gonna look like with my family photos
on it, or a nice lamp. So, that's what you need to do whenever you market your product, you need to do it so that
whoever's looking at it, that they're already picturing
that piece in their house, and they feel like they
can't live without it there.

Okay, when you do stage your products, make sure that you are staging
them in the current trends and the current season. So, right now we're in December. If I'm gonna go out and look
for a piece of furniture, I'm gonna assume that
it's gonna be something decorated with Christmas items on it. The reason you do that
is because, for women, holidays are a big thing
for us usually, traditions. We like to change our
furniture or our decor, according to the seasons. So, if you put Christmas items
on a piece of your furniture, when it's Christmas time, then when people come to look at it or when they see it
online, they're gonna say, oh man, I really need that in my house. That would look beautiful
beside my Christmas tree. If it's February coming
up, decorate it with things that are in pinks and reds and whites.

Speaking of pinks, though, just because you are
trying to market to women, don't decorate your
stuff in just pink items. Don't assume that pink is just for women because it is not, okay? So don't do that. Don't overmarket or overthink
it and think that just because you are trying to reach a female audience, that you need to put flowers
on it or pink items on it, or just make it real girly girl. I don't look for that sort of thing, okay? Don't do that. One thing that I saw recently that really piqued my interest, Allred Woodworking, Brother Riv, he had sent something to
us and it had a picture of his dining room table in it.

He has no idea that I've even, I'm even talking about this right now, but it piqued my interest. He had a dining room table in this picture and I could see where his wife had put her decorations on top of it. And she changed her table runner in a way that I have never seen before, and because I saw that on there, I actually went to Little
Rock a few days later and I bought a table runner. The way you see this
table runner right now, this is a good way that you
can just market your product.

And it doesn't just make somebody see that you can put decorations
on it, but it's like, wow, I love the way that tablecloth
looks on that table. Okay, so what you want to do is you want to pique their
interest so much so that they start picturing
that piece of furniture in their house with this
unique decoration item on top.

'Cause a lot of time,
as a female purchaser, I'm not just gonna buy
the piece of furniture, but when I see it decorated in such a way, I'm gonna go look for all
those decorations too. I can't just go look for the decorations. I need the piece of furniture that inspired me in the first place. So, what you're doing is
you're marketing in a way that makes your buyer not want to leave your place of business without
that piece of furniture. So, the point of this is for you to stage in very unique ways. If you are a woodworker that's a male and you don't have a
female to ask how to stage in different ways or unique ways, you might serve yourself better if you go on to Pinterest
or go on to some website, look at the way other pieces
of furniture are decorated, buy a few minimal pieces
that you can decorate with.

You can use the same decorations on multiple pieces of furniture. You just have to switch it up and use them in different ways. If you go back and look at our website, you can look at multiple
pieces of furniture that we've built over the years, but they've got the same decorations. But you'll notice that the decorations are always in a different
place, every time, they're in a different place. It's because you want
each piece of furniture to feel unique. So, when you get ready to stage,
here's what you need to do. This might sound a little weird, but you need to take
that piece of furniture and stage it in multiple
areas in your home. What we've done before, we have taken our entire living room suit out of our living room,
just to move in a table and take a picture of a table in there. You need to put forth the effort that it's gonna take for this. Take a piece of furniture, move it to multiple areas of your house, stage it in different ways.

You could put a small table in a bathroom, if you have a big bathroom. Stage it in there with some candles and some towels and some pretty soaps. You could put it in a
living room beside the couch and stage it with a small
lamp and some books, and maybe a pair of glasses. Stage it in a bedroom and
set it up like an end table.

Stage it in a playroom and
put kid things on top of it. What you want to do is you want to show that that piece of furniture
has so many different uses, that it would not just
be one piece of furniture that people are buying. You want to make it look
like they're not just buying a piece of furniture, they are buying a statement
piece for their home that they can use in multiple ways. When you get ready to take the pictures and post them for sale, make sure that you post the
pictures of it decorated first. You need to put pictures
of the product itself with nothing on top of it,
but make those pictures last. Let them see what that
piece is gonna look like sitting in the living room
or sitting in the bedroom or sitting in the playroom.

pexels photo 6798565

Make sure that all
those pictures go first, but then you need to also
include really good pictures of the product itself. A lot of times, if a
woman, such as myself, if I'm buying something, I'm
gonna look at all of those, and then when I get to
the piece of furniture that's plain by itself, I may take that to my husband and say, hey, does this piece of furniture
look like it's made well? So, you need to show them
that the product is there, you're not trying to
hide the product itself, you're not trying to cover anything up.

So, they need to see that,
but they also need to see all of those decorated pictures first. Also, when you're staging, if
this is a piece of furniture that's intended for indoor
use, don't stage it outside. Because if you do, you're
gonna have potential buyers that may look at that and say, I really liked the way that
looks sitting in there, you know, on their porch or on their deck. But if it's not gonna hold up outside, don't market it to that. Make sure that you are
marketing it in a way that it's actually intended use is for. Okay, and I know the staging
process does sound like a lot. You may be wondering why would
I want to stage something and spend all this time on something, if it's $100 product and I'm
only making a hundred bucks? It's not that you're just trying
to sell that product once, but you're creating a
portfolio for yourself of all of the products that you offer.

Sometimes somebody might look
at that piece of furniture and draw some type of
inspiration off of it, and then they'll come to you and say, hey, I like what you did here, but could you build off of that and build this piece of furniture? That's how you get started, and that's how you start
creating a portfolio of all of these multiple
pieces of furniture that you've now created. You may have a simple table that five or six people want to buy and they want to buy
it in a different color or maybe a different size, but it's all based off of that
one time that you staged it. So, it's worth your time. Put in that effort on the front end so that you can reap the
rewards on the back end. You know what time it is, Power Tip time! So, this is my Power Tip to you.

You need to keep up with
your current trends. The best way to do this is ripping it off from our chain retailers. Hey, so go into a place like
Pottery Barn or Kirkland's, go online to one of those stores, go online to Wayfair or Dillard's or any of those department stores, and look at what's trending with them. They have these big marketing teams that keep up with
everything that's going on. They keep up with the current trends, such as the current colors that everybody's wanting to decorate with, the current statement
pieces, accent colors, all of these different things. Everybody's been into this farm house, and at one time it was the
older stuff was the best stuff, and then it moved into what they called the contemporary farmhouse, and now it's the modern farmhouse. All of these things change constantly. The best way to keep up with that is looking at other places, places that are paying these huge multimillion dollar
marketing teams to do it. So go there, go inside
a Kirkland's and look. Are they decorating and
all ivories and all grays? Decorate your piece in ivories and grays.

Are they decorating in big, bold colors, like a pop of red mixed in
with everything muted color? If they're doing that, do that. Mix in a pop of red somewhere, a bold color somewhere on your decoration. What you want to do is show your audience that you are marketing
to the current trend, because if I'm gonna shop for something, I don't want to shop for something that I feel like is out of date.

I don't want to shop for
something that I feel like, you know, this doesn't look modern at all. This looks like something my
mama would've put in my house when I was a kid. I don't want to shop
for that sort of thing. But, if retro is in, then stage
it a way that looks retro, because then I'm not gonna
look at it and say, wow, this looks like something my
mama would've put in my house. I would say, wow, this
furniture looks so retro. This is so cool, I've gotta have this. Keep up with the current
trends by going online. It's not gonna cost you
anything to window shop. So, window shop online. If you have these department
stores in your area, go inside the store, look
at what they're doing. You can catch big clearance
sales in a lot of these places. Buy some of those items just to use for your staging process. You know, it doesn't
have to be that you have a whole room full of decor
items to stage your products.

You don't have to do that, but just have a few statement pieces that are sort of timeless, that you can stage according
to the current trend. Okay, I'm gonna give you
a bonus Power Tip here. A lot of towns, or maybe
even bigger cities, it depends on where you're
from, have really nice stores where a lot of women like
to go to buy decorations. For us, where we live, we have
what's called a marketplace. It's where a whole lot of vendors come in and they set up their
either handmade stuff or items that you can't get
in any other local store here. If you are having trouble getting sales, build something that looks nice. It's not gonna cost you enough that you can't afford to miss it. Build you a nice piece of furniture, take it to that store or
take it to that business, and ask them if they would be
willing to decorate that item in their store, if you
donate the piece of furniture to the store.

Okay, this might mean
that you're losing out on a little bit of money, but maybe, if you do this,
and you ask them to put some type of sign or some
type of tag or something on that piece of furniture
that says this, you know, this table was built and made by, and the name of your business. If you are interested in one,
have a contact number on there or website that they can go to, because now your product
is being decorated in the most current trends, and it's not costing you anything for any of that staging process. And it's in a place that's gonna get a whole lot more foot
traffic than it would if it was sitting in your home. So, that might be something
that you could do. Okay, so what is the point of all of this? If you are selling some of your products, you're not selling enough of them and you need to start making more sales, maybe it's because you're
not marketing to women.

There are multiple different
surveys you can look at, but for the most part,
all of the surveys say that anywhere from 75 to 85% of all sales, no matter what area the sales
are in, is made by women. The purchases are made by women. Why? Because we like to shop. We do. We love it. So, why do you need to market to them? Because you can't afford
to miss 80% of the pie. That's what you're missing. If you're not marketing to women, and you don't have to
market directly to women, just to women, you still want
to market to the men too, but if you're not marketing in a way that's gonna make women
notice your product, you're potentially missing
80% of those sales. Can't afford to do that
and stay in business.

You need to market to them. Market to us. I love for businesses to market to me. I love to shop. Even sitting at home recovering,
I've still got this hand and I'm clicking my
mouse and I'm shopping. And if I come across a
website that doesn't have their furniture staged, it
doesn't look like something that I think fits in my
house, I'm gonna keep going. I'm not even gonna look for other products on their website. I'm gonna move to a different website. I need to see products that
I can picture in my own home. If I go to a web page and
it's just got wood furniture in a list there, it may
have a beautiful end table and then a beautiful coffee table and the beautiful
bookshelf, all those things, but there's not anything
else on that page, I'm gonna skip it.

It's gonna look to me like a project. I don't want to buy a project. I want to buy a piece of furniture that I can put in my
house and is ready to go, it is ready for me to
decorate however I want to. If you have ideas on
how to market to women, how to stage a product,
how to market to men, it doesn't matter, if
you have any suggestions, leave those comments below. I would love to hear what you think. So, if you liked this video, go ahead and click that
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