Frank Klausz using his Monster Molding Plane in his Dream Workshop

[Music] you [Music] hi my name is Frank Klaus and we are in my new shop I retired from Frank's cabinet shop three years ago and I moved in here sometimes people make planes for themselves so I tried once made this plane more myself but I think I think you should buy a plane if you need a plane here is a beautiful plane the Lee Nelson number four he copied the Stanley port which is in my tool cabinet and it's works beautiful I belonged to the New Jersey tulle collectors and I do demonstration for them for different type of things and once they asked me to make a big moulding we want you to make a big moulding with a bead bead in a hollow and I told them no problem I'm going to bring my molding plane they said oh no no we don't want support molding planes weave on it on one plane but I said I don't have one so hurricane said but can't you make one our Frank of course quickly said of course I can then I weigh home start scratching my head how I'm going to make this big molding plane so they gave me one to copy but interesting about this is this is not a cabinet makers tool this is a carpenters tool the carpenters the Colonial Williamsburg time carpenters came to the house side and made their own moldings some time you see this plane with a handle in it two people working together with it some time you see this plane with a hole drilled through because Johnny gets a rope and the master says go Johnny and Johnny goes and the shavings are flying so I made this plane for that purpose the blade is bigger than the bottom and papers its 1/8 on the bottom 1/16 on the top so comes in from the bottom and it's tucked in the plane and it is very easy to begin with because it's cutting only cutting only on the bead and then later on the to tip starts cutting and how deeper you go how more physical force you need to push it let me tell you you make 300 feet of this molding on the way home you're going to skip the gym you're going to see honey I just want my soup and you know then it's no more shaving coming is bottomed out this and that is touching the way you make a little finer shavings you take off a little bit a little bit from both surfaces so now my next stroke should be much finer shavings yes this is a very fine shaving these are the rough shavings I wish you could feel that and they had no saint paper therefore they kept this rough shaping and they're burnished with it you put it on there push it hard and just rub it that's a beautiful surface no machine can do such a nice texture as this I had no idea this plane gonna be so much fun to work with I love it and once in a while when I have a chance I demonstrated it so I wish I wish you could you could feel that how beautifully done if you're interested in learning traditional woodworking with hand tools visit my website at wood and shop comm where you can find free video tutorials buying guides and reviews make sure you subscribe to my regular blog posts and also check out my 10 steps for getting started enjoy you

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