CNC Flat Pack, Live Edge, Mid Century Modern Coffee Table | Woodworking how to

It's a walnut flat pack. Hahaha it is a walnut flat pack! It's a live edge flat pack. You might not be familiar with them they're
very rare. We built them this week. Hey guys we're Evan and Katelyn. And I'm Johnny Brooke from Crafted Workshop. And this week we've been in Johnny's shop
making these really cool slab and CNC projects. Johnny made a pair of side tables and one
has wireless charging, which is super cool so you should definitely check out his video. And we tried to hit as many key words with
this project as possible: walnut coffee table with a live edge slab, it's mid century modern,
it's CNC, it can flat pack.

We actually made this all on the X-Carve so
that we could take it apart, flat pack it, and send it back to our house, which I bet
you didn't expect that. So ok let's do it! Time to get some wood. We wanted to make CNC furniture that didn't
look like CNC, so step 1 was buying our first slab. Why did we pick such a big project to do? Why aren't we doing like a stool? I know like an end table! You're definitely ambitious going coffee table. Maybe we should switch to like- No! It's gonna be great. The pro tip advice was to get two smaller
walnut slabs and join them because it'd be easier to process than one big slab. Let's do it. Awesome. Cool. Then we got more walnut to CNC the legs out

Once we had the lumber, we updated the design
in Fusion. This might seem backwards, but we didn't know
the exact size slab we'd get. Thankfully the model is parametric so the
design and CAM toolpaths scale automatically. PS we have a video that goes more into CAM
and plans for this table, both linked below. We took things back to process, starting with
cutting the walnut down to more manageable lengths. I should mention that we relied heavily on
Johnny's woodworking knowledge and if you're into wood you should definitely check out
his channel, it's awesome. Katelyn! Once the lumber was cleaned up, it was time
to put the X-Carve to work. Ok so- oh wait, you're missing- Ok so right
now- ah dang it.

This is our first piece of wood that we're
cutting into, we're super nervous because we did one test and it didn't go well- it
didn't go well! So we're just going to the final thing! So we're gonna cut one leg. Woo! Beautiful! That's nice. Just run 'em all now. So easy.

Oopsy, sorry. Next it was time to process the slabs. What are we doing first? So I think we're just gonna plane it down
a little bit so that way it's not too thick for the track saw, so that way we can rip
a straight edge and join them together. Ok cool. Which edges do you think we should use. We chose which edges to cut off and which
to join together, arranging them so that the curve of the grain matched up. These are so nice! I can't believe they're ours! We made them a little shorter to fit the length
of the track saw. Katelyn we need one! That looks so cool! At this point it would have been too wide
to ship in the box that we had so we took off a bit more on the table saw.

One slab was a little warpy so next step was
adding dominoes to keep them aligned, and we were very excited about this part. Wow! Ahh! Yeah! Dominoes! This is amazing! Ok, maybe this was our reaction to lots of
Johnny's tools. Can you stand in there so I make sure I'm
not cutting your head off. Definitely cutting your head off. Alright. Ahhh! I had one job! Yes. You're a very delicate glue spreader. I knowww. The swirl. The Johnny Swirl? Johnny Swirl. Look at me being messy. Good to go! Alrighty you got one. There you go, there you go. Persuade it. While we wait for the glue to dry, we wanted
to say thank you to our Patreon supporters. You guys allow us to do things like collaborations
and we're super grateful. If you wanna help us make more videos and
see Patreon exclusive videos like the full 30 minute rough cut of this project and all
of our aftershows, go to Patreon dot com slash Evan and Katelyn. Thanks! Alright. Intermission. I'm just gonna like- So beautiful. Ooo it's nice. Alright what do we do next? Next we added epoxy to the cracks.

But first we put some foil tape on the underside
so that it didn't bleed through. I like how we're all like… silent. Respect the pour. Respect the pour. We used a torch to help bring bubbles to the
surface and pop them. Plus it was just fun. Haha I love that noise. So these slabs are like super thirsty. We waited half an hour and it's like we didn't
even pour epoxy, so. This is really cool. Our first slab thing. It's a right of passage. I feel like a proud parent. We love you no matter what. No matter how much epoxy you eat. We used card scrapers to remove excess epoxy
so we didn't gum up Johnny's drum sander. We got some shallow cracks with wood filler. And then cut our slab to the final length. Did you cut through a cookie? Yep. Bench cookie down! Nooooo! Then we worked on our leg pieces. After cutting these we realized that we should
have set our direction to conventional milling instead of climb milling, which is what you
should use with wood on a non industrial sized CNC.

If you wanna learn more about toolpaths, check
out the Fusion 360 CAM video we mentioned earlier. Yeah, I can see why with the X-Carve, with
Fusion… Because of the aforementioned climb cutting
we did on our legs, we had to finesse them even more to get them to fit. Are you ready for this jelly? That's what we're doing. I had a plan it was just wrong. Probably the most complicated glue up we've
done. Lot of love put into these legs. Ah look at that! Oh yeah I don't know. I don't know what I was doing. I think this one's good too now. So this goes here, I don't know what I'm doing,
if you're asking. Just isn't a good place to clamp, how did
we do the other side? What is life? Sorry. It's just gonna be us bumbling in the background
of your video Johnny.

We are not doing well. I shouldn't be laughing. So many angles. Ok that looks good. I feel like you made it worse. Oh you're right! These are gonna be slightly gappy. We'll just fill everything with wood glue. That, that, seems ok. I heard you. I heard you struggling. Oh that's weird yeah. That's real weird. I was like nyahhh just don't use the stuff
that settles at the bottom. Oh my gosh. Like an 8th of an inch too wide. This maybe with a hand plane. You'll be amazed. This will go quick. If this is totally dry tomorrow morning, then
we can get right to all of this stuff. Alright just don't show too much of them. They're not in their final form yet! You wanna put a lot of weight on the front
and then halfway through transfer your weight to the back and then just push through.

pexels photo 432185

There you go yeah. Full speed! This is my full speed. In the end we thought it was really cool that
we used a CNC, power tools, and hand tools for this one project. Flush. Flush! We'll start, just flush these up totally,
flip them, and then do these. Then we added a chamfer to the legs. Partly to be fancy, partly to disguise some
of our mistakes. Most janky! Jankiest jank, the jank of the jank. We're attaching the legs to slab with mortise
and tenons. So we trace the top of each leg to get their
measurements and the distance between them. We used these measurements to CNC a template. We'll use this and a plunge router to make
the actual mortises in the slab. Test fit! See if our template works! Sweet. That makes me happy. Yeah that's awesome. Tip when applying finish is to use as small
of a piece of paper towel or rag as possible, because any finish that ends up soaked into
your rag is trash.

And we're using your finish so- Haha yeah
we're using finish that I'm paying for! Thanks Johnny. Haha look at these. That is form fitted right there. Katelyn's got really wrinkly hands. Whoa! So pretty. Good thing we have my wrinkly gloves right
in front of the camera. Yeah lets swap. Careful around here because it's uh, yeah
it'll catch the rag. This is really fun. We should get this finish. Wipe on poly is about as fool proof and easy
as possible, I love it. This is some really absorbent wood actually. I think it's a little bit, a little bit funky. So for the bark, there's some that kind of
like is wrapping around, what do you do with that? I would just soak it in kinda like this. Kinda like dab it? Yeah. Dab. Dab. I'll go this way yep. Wait don't ah! Sponsored by tool city. The roomiest gloves around.

Do you like your gloves roomy? Do your hands get so sweaty? Tool city. Dab it on. Ok. Everything that can have a big slab, should
have a big slab. Man this looks awesome. So dang pretty. Next we cut the stretcher down to size. We waited til now so that we could cut it
to fit the space in the legs. That's awesome! Oh careful! Houston we got a bench! I mean uh uh coffee table! Since it fit we went ahead and added chamfers
to this too, making sure like we did with the legs not to add chamfers to the tenons
because then they wouldn't fit properly and we would be sad. I'm gonna start cooking. Ok we'll be there soon. Same thing as yesterday? I'm down. This is a good part of the day. We're finishing the legs. Johnny's about to make tacos. That looks good. That looks really good. We centered the legs on the slab and traced
them so we knew where to put the mortise template we made earlier.

So one of these will fit one of them. Let's shift it over a tiny bit. You wanna go clockwise because we're on the
inside of a pocket. Wow! You need to get a closeup of this. This is wonderful! That is ridiculous! It's perfect! Holy moly! Nice! That's amaze- Moment of truth, take 12. Oh my gosh! Yeah! Alright so which one have we done already
cuz let's not do that one again. This one. Main thing, keep it flat on the base. You'll lower the bit. Move it around clockwise. Yeah. Along the edges. Let it up, straight up. And then turn it off. Ok! I'll be coaching ya! Ok. Wooo! Two plunges, that's it, pop it up, shazam,
shazam's the name of the game. Yep that's a saying. That's what they say. New catch phrase. New t-shirts. Shazam's the name of the game.

This is it, this is what it all comes down
to. Logically everything should work. Katelyn do you wanna do one side? Oh yes. Oh yes. Oh yeah. Oh yes! Money in the bank! That's nice! Oh man. Little jealous. Nice! Ahhh it looks so good! Wait can we do like a goooooo woodworking! That looks super good. It looks awesome! Oh man. That's great y'all. What should we name it? Slabby! I was calling it slabby earlier. Done and done! Done. So… clean up and final shots? Yeah pretty much. Yeah let's do it.

I'm so nervous to ship this I don't want it
to get messed up. Please be careful with this. Postal people. This is all gonna be time lapsed I think. Yes! We've done it! Yeah it feels, it feels right. It feels right. Ok so. Outro! Hope you guys like this video. We are excited to try, well excited and nervous
to try to disassemble this and actually flat pack delivery it to our house, so that's gonna
be interesting. Definitely check out Johnny's video, he did
another CNC and slab project, it's a pair of end tables with charging built in which
is super cool. And we have learned so much in our 4 days
here. We've learned more about woodworking than
we knew before we came here.

So you should- yeah it was a lot of fun- you
should definitely check out his channel for a whole bunch of knowledge. Yes. All the learnings. And stick around cuz we're gonna record our
aftershow and we're gonna make Johnny do it with us. Yeah! Patreon! Yeah! So go to patreon dot com slash Evan and Katelyn
to check out the aftershow and subscribe to both of our channels if you haven't already
cuz you know we would appreciate it and you'd be awesome and we would feel awesome and everyone
wins. Yeah, all those things. See you next time, bye! I'm nervous. The box feels pretty good although it feels
like… puffy? Ok, that's the stretcher. I guess that works pretty, pretty well. Oooo! Legs look ok! Yeah! Ah! That makes me happy! It made it! We should check the legs. Couple, couple little dings. Oooo yeah. Not terrible though. This is like a really nerve-racking Christmas. Nice. This one is good. Nice. Nice. Should we try it? Try assembling? Let's do it! Sweet. Yay! Uh do I put my hands here or not? This intro's a disaster.

How can I do this without blocking the camera? Ha! Oooo. Here can I- Oh, ok! Yes. That looks so bad. Yes. Smoothly and slowly nod. Oh gosh! Y'all are so cute! Katelyn we need one! Katelyn we need one of these too! Beefy! Would you- Wood I. Get some momentum going. Yeah cuz like if you do it slow- yeah it's
not gonna go. It's like the mandolin. Like when we're slicing potatoes.

I thought you meant the instrument. If you play it slow it sucks. Ever heard a slow mandolin before? Terrible! You guys are messing me up!.

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