Building the Anarchist’s Tool Chest – Part I: Dovetailing the Case – Woodworking

Rough cutting 1×6 pine boards to length for case panels Laying out and orienting the boards, ensuring alternating grain patterns to prevent warping Glueing up and clamping panels Scraping off glue residue Using wood screws to make a 'poor man's' planing stop Planing the faces to make the edges of the individual boards flush with eachother They had moved slightly in the clamps Mandatory focus pull Using a circular saw, square, and straightedge to cut the panels to their final width Tried to do that. Using a block plane to flush up the ends of the two panels that will be the sides of the case I do this on both edges, and on the front/back panels as well Gang cutting tail boards Using a coping saw to remove tail waste Chiseling the remaining waste to the baseline Striking tail shapes on pin board Marking baseline (thickness of tail board) on pin board and continuing the pin marks down vertically Marking knife lines with pencil to show which part needs to be removed Sawing pins Coping saw to remove waste Chisel to finish Fitting case together and gluing up, taking care to square up all corners Measuring width of floor boards and gang cutting Making floor boards shiplap with rabbet plane Estimating half the thickness of the sides and locking that in on marking gauge Transferring this measurement on the ends of all floor boards Drilling pilot holes for nails along this measurement, 2 per side Nailing floor boards to case Using marking gauge to measure the amount of extra width of last board, then striking that line on the board Planing to that line Using a nailset to sink the heads of the nails into the wood

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