Building & Riding the Backyard Drama Drop 2.0!

let me take you back to the very first mountain bike feature we ever built on this channel you guys named it the drama drop since my dog drama presided over the construction and quickly that iconic drop came to represent berm Creek even becoming the centerpiece of this t-shirt on video the drop didn't look too bad at all so unsuspecting mountain bikers arrived ready to send it right away only to face the drama drop in 3d in real life the drop had a very blind approach a skinny platform and a non landing it was brutal and honestly it wasn't all that fun the drop became more of a tool for torture testing products and clapping suspension then it did a sessionable feature but it was that which made it so useful one year after moving to berm peak were kind of missing a feature like the drama drop and so today we'll Scout this hillside and find a suitable place to build a new one building a new drama drop isn't just a matter of building a drop to be a drama drop 2.0 he needs to share something in common with the original firstly the original drop was built on a slope which eliminated the need for a purpose-built landing of course that made it kind of brutal since well there was no purpose-built landing second the original drop was built with dimensional lumber and supported by 6×6 posts there are other ways to build the drop but we're gonna stick to the original design so it looks the same third a drama drop needs a narrow and sketchy approach [Music] there needs to be a mental roadblock that tricks you into thinking you suck at mountain biking sketchy approach we've got that covered for sure finally there needs to be a way to opt out of the drop and keep your tires on the ground on the original I built this skinny down ramp which in practice scared more people than the actual drop so our new drop will need a bypass line that makes no sense this slope at the top of Muench angle thickets is perfect and we can very easily connect it to Knob deep the slope is also real steep here and the landing is full of gnarly roots so we'll clear the debris do some pruning and make this look like a trail before we start building anything [Music] step one is figuring out where the mean support post will be and step 2 is digging a hole on the original drop I use the bag of concrete to hold the post in place but this time we'll use braces on the side so if I want this post to be straight up and down I can use a level to get it plumb when I get this thing straight the bubble will be right in the middle I want to do that this way and I also want to do it this way all right that's plumb I'm gonna start cutting right there [Music] [Applause] [Music] the side braces are made from two-by-sixes cut at 45-degree angles this will allow them to sit flat against the post we're also drilling pocket holes to keep them located I've never done this for side braces so we'll see how it holds up although the braces will stick into the ground they get their strength from these steaks everybody makes fun of me for using a maul it's about four pounds I've used the six pound sledge I always end up splitting the steak so now I need to figure out where the second post is going to go so according to the level that's level the drop will be framed with two twelve foot two by eights so we can use one to locate the second post I [Music] actually find it more difficult to follow plans for a structure like this because the terrain dictates everything so we'll attack everything together with puny little screws and adjust the frame until we're satisfied [Music] there's a big pine tree root right here that I don't want to cut into so I guess we're gonna have to cut into the board [Music] [Music] once we're happy with the structure we can make it permanent with 5-inch timber locks to match the original drop we're using normal deck planks from the store nothing fancy now to make this look like a drop [Applause] [Music] with a drop complete all we need to build is the bypass I had saved the original 4×4 post from that Roland and so we'll reuse it for our new bypass [Music] [Applause] to make it more difficult in the original will tuck it under the drop so that one must precisely dive into it or face certain doom as for the slats we'll make them the same exact width as the original [Music] it looks like the original drama drove there right no it looks terrifying the curve in the undulation oh my gosh oh why would you put the Landy right there because that's the steepest spot and let's check out the beeline oh you won't hit you're not gonna hit that no one's gonna hit that no I'll hit that I'm not hitting that I think it looks absolutely terrible I'm just gonna let my front tire hit and then I'm gonna let my back tire kind of stay up high and then I'm gonna go to your bottom bracket for sure it's gonna be fine just like during the construction of the old drop drama dropped in occasionally to check in on the progress or maybe just to get some attention he's an old man now and his eyesight isn't what he used to be but he's happy and his new little brother is keeping him young sooner or later we'll need to build a feature named after Oscar too but today the drama dropped 2.0 reign supreme [Music] I haven't been this well I guess the whale tail is kind of scary but this is really scary okay I don't think you want to land there I think you'd be better to land here alright Senden no problem I can clear that last piece you you went pretty deep man where did I land like you laid it right there where your front wheel is right like right on the right transition vent the sketchy approach and familiar narrow slats make this new drop feel a lot like the old one but the steeper landing makes it feel a little smoother but one thing's for sure the new rolling is sketchy look how far back it hits Lois you can't just roll off of this I thought that's what you said you're playing like you have to kind of dive into it if I have to bail from this it might suck but not gonna get impaled so god I said you got this I can't believe you just got that first try well what did you think was gonna happen first try the new rule in is tough to explain go too fast and you'll nearly miss it all together under shoot it and get hung up on the platform it's here for anyone who wants to try it but for everyone else there's the drop [Music] [Music] man that's butter dude today burn peak feels a lot more complete with our new channel being so focused on bike upgrades and torture tests this drop will be getting a lot of use to see those videos subscribe to our new channel burn peak Express and if you want to see us build a feature for Oskar subscribe to this channel so our next video will pop up in your feed I hope you enjoyed being part of today's build and I can't wait to show you all the things we use this drop to test thanks for riding with me today and I'll see you next time [Music]

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