Building a Solid Woodworking Workbench from cheap lumber

Ok! So the workbench is almost finished now. There are a couple of things left, but I will fix them later. For now I just want to start using the workbench. As You can see it is a lot of storage here. A large drawer here… A smaller one here… Here is a larger one for tools and stuff I also have this nice scrap wood bin at the bottom. On each side of the bench I have drawers, For screws.


I can have some tools here, and I'm planning the have a cabinet door as well. …and some small boxes here …for screws and stuff I also installed this small vise, …which is very nice I need to drill some holes (for bench dogs) here. My plan was to have a vise here as well, …but for now I just use my portable vise, which I got for free. This will work fine, I can just clamp it down. The workbench top is from a hardwood table I got for free. It's really nice, solid, and flat! It was a little short here but I have a plan for this gap. The bench is really solid! As you can see… This, this won't break! huh… Ah…. So… If you want to build this workbench yourself and support my channel… I have plans available on my site at a very affordable price over on my site ( There is a link down in the description. Please give me a thumbs up if you like this video, and please subsribe to my channel.

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