8. Hawk Woodworking Shop Build – barn walls part 1

not sure how to get my snowblower out because I built a wall in front of it Hey so when I got out here today and plugged in the air hose to screw down my glasses when I plugged in the air hose to to get going on today's work pretty much blew up the trigger doesn't trigger anything and it's just air blowing out of there blew a seal of some kind I spent the last two hours hammering with a hammer and nails old school oh my god builds character that's what my parents always say builds character just plug it in and see what happens here we go still shoot it having a shoot let's get a few all right already air compressor my daughter's drink from yesterday half-full millenials definitely something to do with whatever's inside here now I just have to figure out how the body there's how do I get into the trigger the real question is how do I get into there what is inside the area bottom line I'm hammering I might hit Craigslist tonight see if I could find a find a cheap nailer I don't know actually you know what pawn shops pawn shops have nail guns No we'll see I guess we're ready to start deciding what to do next and two hours into day two it's already nighttime most of today was spent on things inside the house and it's an incredible room we're finishing up I mean the countertop is all that's left and trim and I have to do the trim so a little bit of work to do there I think that all of this electrical is going to tell me exactly what I need I can't put a wall here it's too close to need access I don't want to do it there so here and then if I look up and I look at where the curtain is it looks like it's going to be right next to the curtain again and not underneath either of the trusses so I've got to take down the ceiling tiles I gotta start putting blocking up there so that the wall has support laterally and I'm not ready yet so maybe it's time to just quit and go have dinner sounds like a plan we don't have a stove yet we don't really have a kitchen sink yet I think it's chicken pot pie homemade chicken pot pie because that can be baked we have another that's all we have so I think we're gonna set this aside for now might be the end of day two I know this is a football game on and we'll go from there lots of progress we're gonna have walls Hey it is Sunday a week after the last bit of this video in the last week we pretty much finished the house project we got the countertops in the drawer pulls the cabinet pulls the lighting all this left is trim and I'll be doing that over the next 10 years while I was out this week I did a lot of investigation to find out what's wrong with the nailer so I'm gonna tear apart the trigger and replace the the trigger part that's in here there's a rebuild kit that I got so I get this rebuild kit I have no idea how use it no idea if it's gonna work but that's the plan and even if that doesn't work I have a new nailer it's upside-down so at least we'll keep going hopefully the fire gets going sooner than later get a little warmth in here about 45 degrees in here right now and I'll get working in it all right I rebuilt it so Shay what we got this is the old one I don't see anything wrong with it it took apart the whole master cylinder I took apart the trigger we greased everything we'll see so here's the big test well holding air we're good rebuilt my daughter's drink from two weeks ago now just spill Hey nobody should do that before I traveled turning the music before I get to the attorney on the camera there we go so here's the status update it's short on wood I didn't plan well enough or how much would I need it I didn't plan for the blocking in between so I have four pieces left I have five actually twelve footers left and I need at least eight twelve footers and probably a half a dozen and a footers as I'm gonna frame in a doorway here where I'm standing probably French doors or anything I'm gonna build it I don't have doors on hand so I may end up just building a panel that swings or slides or something but I have that much of the wall pretty well in place there's some really interesting crap going on with this thing my 12 foot studs that we're not all the same length which made it interesting to build and connecting into this wall so I have the measurements all marked out and I kind of know what's gonna go where I just need to go get some wood and I don't know it's like one o'clock in the afternoon hours Sunday so I guess Home Depot is about the only place I can go for that so that's next well reached a milestone studs are done so we have structural this is what we did last weekend came around the corner and then today I actually started over on this corner and finished so we did out from this wall I've got a double doorway here for these the rough opening for it and down along how straight is it yeah it's not fit I don't see how this way is gonna live how many amateur it's fine it'll last good mostly but if anybody's buying this house in the future fair warning they should stay up they should stay up they should mostly next step I start drywall although I do have an issue I not sure how to get my snow blower out because I built a wall in front of it it's a bit of an issue I have to go all the way over and clean out a path all the way through the stuff to get to it that's not happening so I may take a stud out just to get the snowblower out and then put the stud back in but maybe not well progress lots of fun good stuff yeah

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