5 Woodworking Tools Changed My Life Forever!

– These 5 Tools Changed My Life. And they can change yours too. Let's get at it. (air whooshing) So a lot of you know, that I started out, using a borrowed circular saw, two borrowed drills. I also had (tongue twisting) this speed square, and a tape measure. I had five tools to start with that's it. The problem is woodworker, that we don't see the big picture especially when we're starting out. When you're starting out. You're seeing everybody
with the big mighty saws, and the big tables saws, and all that stuff. Of course, those things are awesome, and they're nice. You can work your way there. I did. Let me show you. I started out with those two
drills and a circular saw. The only reason I had two drills, was because that was what was in my father-in-law's tool chest.

I could put a drill bit in one, and a screwing in bit. We call them bits? (soft chiming bell) A drill bit in one, and a
driver bit in the other, and I had to change bits all the time. It's very convenient,
but it's not necessary. You can use one drill. The reason these five
tools changed my life, is I was broke. And so I started making those projects, and as I kept making them, I would sell them. Make them, sell them,
make them, sell them. If you go check out how to
sell your woodwork in video, again, in the description below, you'll see how I started
selling those things. And it just compounds, it's like a snowball effect. So this is what you need to do. If you're gonna start
trying to make a side hustle out of this woodworking, build a project, sell it, take that money, reinvest
it into your business. Every time you sell a project, reinvest, sell a project, reinvest. Every single time, for the first year, at the minimum the first year.

And then after that, you can start taking some
of those profits out, and use them for other things, of course, along the way, If you need to take those profits out to help you pay bills, have you feed your family, that's perfectly acceptable, and awesome thing to do, but try your best to reinvest some of those profits in your business. So if you take the proceeds
every time you sell, it doesn't matter If
it's 20%, 30%, 50%, 100%, whatever percentage you decide, I would recommend any amount, the maximum amount of money you can take and reinvest into supplies and to build another project to sell, the better.

Buy those tools as needed, And as you can. So the first thing I did, was bought a miter saw, because I wanted to get
those accurate angle cuts, every single time. Cause it's hard to do
with just a speed square. It's not impossible, it's just harder. And so when I got the miter saw, it leveled up my game just a little bit. So it put me in another category, that I could build
different types of projects. I worked my way up, I wound up buying a cordless drill and the impact set from Rigid, to speed up the process
that leveled me up, just a little bit more.

Then I was able to pick
up a Cordless Router, that leveled up my game, just a little bit more. And then I worked my way up, and was able to get a table saw, that level me up here. And so that's you gotta do, baby steps, baby steps, baby steps. Level yourself up as you can, just take the proceeds
from what you're selling, buy more supplies, build the projects, find what projects are
selling in your area, and start selling those. The only way to know that, to start doing a little market research. We've got several videos on the channel, "How To Make Money Woodworking." Link on the description
below to that playlist, go check that out. We talk all about the
woodworking business, we've got a live stream, that we just did back on the channel, all about the woodworking business, and what we've done, so go check those playlists and those videos out, they're there to help you. They're not the end all be all. This is simply advice, things that worked for me, and I hope to pass on to you, and hope you can take them, and make your own sales and make your own way in the woodworking business.

So did woodworking and
5 Tools Change My Life? Just, gosh, just go back and look at this channel, from the start to now. And it's not just the projects we've been able to make for our own home, it's the fact that we were able to bring in extra income in our family
when we needed the most. And that's huge when you're broke, and you don't have any money, you're just living paycheck to paycheck. And just getting a little
side hustle like this started, man, It means everything, it means everything, When you can bring in an
extra $100 for the week, or $200 for the month, or $500 for the month, or whatever you're able to generate, it means a, it is… If you ain't never been broke, man, you don't understand how huge that is.

$100 is huge for some people, and it was for us too. And it's been such an
amazing blessing that God has allowed me to start this up, and being able to get
to where we are today. And with that being said, not only the extra income, money is not everything by far stretch, but just having an outlet. I work a high stress job, in my full-time job. Having a stress outlet, like woodworking, is awesome. Because it gets your mind off everything else, you focus on the building, and just being able to do projects, with my wife has been awesome. We've been able to create
some amazing projects. And then, one of the main reasons this changed my life is, this community that we have. Just a woodworking community, in and of itself. 99.9% of the people that you're gonna meet are gonna be super helpful, they want to help you get better, and then offer you
advice if you ask for it. That's why one of the main reasons, I try my best to reply to every comment, on every video that I ever make.

Is because it matters to me, you guys matter to me. And I love the fact that we have a community
that helps each other. And so it has changed my life in ways that I can't even express. Just the overall interaction with you guys has been huge, and some of the messages
I'm getting on a weekly, and sometimes daily basis, on how you've watched the video, and it's helped you to start a business and bring in extra income, or you've watched a video, and started woodworking, and it's relieves stress for you. And you were in a bad spot, I really appreciate you guys
sharing those stories with me. They mean everything. They keep me moving motivated, They encourage me, if you wanna share your story with me, I would love to hear it. (air whooshing) You can reach out to me on Instagram or Facebook @731woodworks, or you can just email me
directly 731woodworks@gmail.com I read everyone.

I reply to everyone. And I thank you so much. Woodworking is like nothing else to me, because you get to create, and then you also get to share your experiences with others, And that's huge. So you guys, thank you so much, I encourage you if you
haven't started woodworking, if you're a little nervous about starting, I'll drop a couple videos down below in the description, or at the end of this video, that help you get started, and help you overcome that fear that you may have, and just start building, man. It is an amazing opportunity in front of you if you just go for it. So, I use that circular
saw to cut the wood, I use the drills to put the wood together, I started out with those Jay Bates chairs, as I've told you before, many of you know, right now is a perfect time of the year, in January to start building those, getting ready for February, March, when people are actually
gonna start buying them.

Get a Swanson Speed Square, links to these tools will
be in the description below for just over or right at $100, you'll have everything you need to build this type of projects. So those Jay Bates chairs you saw, those things are fantastic, easy beginner woodworker, Jay does a great job walking you through, on how to build those, link to that videos down there as well, and you can go check that out, but the reason you need
a Swanson Speeds Square, is because it has those
10 degree angles on there. You're gonna need that to cut the angles on the bottom of those feet, you need a tape measure. You can buy these things that cheap, about 10 or 15 bucks.

pexels photo 6315304

This is just happens to be a Stanley. I'll drop a link in the description below, to all of these tools
if you're interested, or ones like them anyway, because that master
mechanical circular saw, and you know, if they
make that thing anymore, but this is more of a
favorite tape measure I have ever had in my life. This thing is a Kamelon. Well, bam. The reason I like it so much, this blade is protected, sits inside there. I drop a ton of stuff in the shop, and when that hits a concrete floor, all the blades, on the Stanley's would end up bent. that was actually slightly bent now. That's the problem with this, like this when they fall the first thing it hits that it bends it back.

It's gonna throw your measurements off. Get a good tape measure. I like this one. It's got that blade protect. It's also has magnets on the end but I don't really use those because I'm working with wood. About a 16 foot tape, is all I need in the shop, you can get 25 and 30
foot tapes are big, heavy, they just weigh you down, you don't need all that, buy 16 foot, all you're gonna need
in the regular workshop. So that's how it changed my life. I went from having zero money in my account, to be able to take my wife on a date, to buy my kids anything extra, to buy myself anything extra, to having a little bit of money, to be able to do those things. And the longer it goes, the more that compounds. If you do your business right, and if you're smart about it, then that will just snowball. I'm four years into this.

This channel has taken almost four years, to grow to this size. So, if you're thinking
about starting a channel, or starting a woodworking business, except the fact that it's gonna take you a little bit to get things going, and that's okay, be patient and work hard. That's all you gotta do. You have no idea, the amazing opportunity, that's in front of you, If you just work at it, but you've got to stay consistent. If you take time off three,
four months at a time, that's gonna hurt your business. If you only build during
the summer months, I know some of you can't
build in the winter months because of the cold and the snow in the Northern climates. I hate that for you guys, but if you can remain consistent, or during the summer months, make hay while the sun shines, as they say in the South.

So during the summer months you need to start piling
up your inventory, If you got a place to store, to be selling in the winter months. So you got to think
ahead in this business, and figure out what's gonna be selling, in the winter months, what you can build now, or during the summer months, spring and summer months, that'll be able to sell and get you through
those winter months. So you have to understand that this will not happen overnight.

You will not take a drill. A circular saw, a square, and a tape measure, and start making a project, and the next day you're
a successful woodworker, and you're doing this full-time. I'm still not full time. I've been doing this four years, and I've worked my tail off, trying to do this. It takes a lot of work. You need to diversify your income, especially those of you who aspire, to be full-time woodworkers. Start thinking about how
to diversify that income. Start thinking about content creation on YouTube, or other platforms that you can monetize. And that will help diversify your income which is a game changer. When you're talking about
doing something full-time.

You want multiple streams
of income coming in, whether that be from your Etsy sales, your local sales, other online sales, Facebook, et cetera. If you're selling on there, as well as if you've got content creation, you can start bringing in some add money, stuff like that. So the biggest thing is start now, prepare now, failure to prepare, is preparing to fail. You got to prepare. Whether that be you're
preparing for the winter sales, whether you're preparing for
three years down the road, five years down the road, have a plan. have a three-year plan, a five-year or 10-year plan. Like I told you, in the "Dear Beginner Woodworker" video, this is a marathon is not a sprint. So you have to be prepared
for later down the road. You don't go out and run the marathon. On the first day you ever
ran that's you have to train for it. Same thing with woodworking.

You're honing your skills, you're getting better at your craft, you're learning the business, and you're trying to better
yourself and your business. So just know that it's
gonna take some time. If you come in on the front end knowing it's a several year process, and not a two or three month process, you'll be better off you. Won't be setting yourself
up for disappointment. That's how woodworking, and those five tools can change your life.

You just gotta build on it, and you have to work at it, and you have to understand
that it's a marathon. So as you can see, if can take some very basic tools, circular saw drill, tape measure and a square, start making projects. You can start with beginner
woodworking projects. I have a playlist on that. There's tons of playlists on
YouTube from other creators with beginner woodworking projects, start with those, start marketing them in your area, sell those, take the
profits from that sale, and make another project. Take the profits from that sale, make another project, snowball yourself into a successful woodworking business until you can level up your shop and your tools.

So these simple tools
can change your life. They can add a significant
income stream into your family that you can do on the side, on your days off, or are on the weekends, or whenever you have
extra time to do that. And then that will help transition into possibly a full-time job. If that's what you're searching for. Even if you don't want
to do this full-time, this is an awesome side hustle to bring in some extra income
for you and your family.

I appreciate you're watching, and if you click that box right there you're getting that big
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