1 Building a Traditional Woodworking Bench – Part 1 – Milling the Top Slabs

okay today I am gonna start building my proper woodworkers bench what you see before you is a couple of vlogs I harvested out of the woods behind the pole barn here they're not really greatest the shape they've been sitting around for a year or two you can see they're kind of rotted a little bit but I think they'll hold up good enough for what I consider to be a temporary bench and what I'm hoping to get out of each of these logs is about a twelve inch by five inch slab of wood for each side of the bench and to make these slabs I'm gonna be using my homemade sawmill you plenty of bug holes and whatnot let's get it closed up you've got plenty of bug holes I think that'll just add character though okay as you can see I have the second log in place it's the slightly bigger long I had to raise one end of it though to be able to cut through the thickest part of it and you can see the other half of the bench laying on it this time to weigh it down you you okay so one fortunately the circular saw left about a quarter inch worth of wood because it just can't go through five inches even coming from both sides so I'm going to have to use a half dull handsaw to try and finish off this job you let's carry the camera around so we can see what's going on here there we go we managed to use my actual I think I'll just take the camera off of the tripod so here we are we have made our cut I don't even see any remnants of the little centerpiece except for and see it right there had to hand saw that whole thing kind of windy okay so that is respectable now we're just gonna have to duplicate the process on the other side see if we get a good 12 inches out of it you ok so I have decided for this round just split them off and I just split the other side and boy that's so much easier just started in ok after a bit of planing I think it took out most of the little quarter-inch garbage that was left behind and as you can see the wood is still fairly wet least it felt that way as I was shaving it this piece is starting to dry out because it's been open to air for a couple of weeks now but this was just cut open and I would have to say this is gonna take many years before it is actually dry that's ok it'll just have to sit in the shop being a bench while it's drying

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